Sep. 15th, 2017

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Last night, I dreamed that I was riding in a car.  One guy was driving, and there was an additional guy and girl in the back.  We had to drive a winding path through a tunnel (it felt like I had been there before) and the driver was getting super nervous, and kept scraping up against the wall.  I was talking to him to help calm him down, and I put a hand on the wheel to smooth his jerky movements.  We eventually made it out, and then across a wooden bridge.  At the end of that, we had to go into a sort of barn thing, and turn right, drive to the end, and exit to the left.

I had been here before, and I knew that transitioning from the bridge to the barn, there was a sort of post in the middle, to divide traffic to the left and the right.  On top of the post was a sort of table-top that easily flipped up.  It was meant to throttle traffic, so you would stop, raise the flap, and drive through.  Same as a small gate into a property.  We stopped, I got out and removed the right side of the table top thing, and the driver pulled the car through.  Before we made it out of the barn, these two guys started trouble with us.  I can't remember what they said or did, but I lost my calm with them
.  I also don't remember the details or depth of the altercation.  It's all a bit fuzzy now.  

I know there were other dreams as well, but that's all I managed to bring back with me.

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