Jun. 2nd, 2017

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Ok, really quickly, with less detail, I will re-input the basic info that got lost yesterday.

Night before last, I dreamed that I lived in some weird sort of closed compound.  It was about as wide as a house, and about 3 city blocks long.  It had a society inside, mostly scientists, working on a project, but everything else that a town would have, as well.  There was a police officer in there, and I came upon him beating one of the citizens.  I stopped him, and he was pissed.  I took it to the mayor who was someone I had worked with for a very long time.  He "looked into it" and told me that the guy hadn't done anything illegal.  

I was so pissed off that I took my science and I was going to leave.  I had been working on an amazing fruit hybrid thing that was going to "reinvent fruit" as we knew it, but I was not about to stick around a corrupt system with racism and police brutality.

There were more details, but we were all fucked out of them.

I also mentioned that the shit I had talked about in a previous post came to pass.  If oddly.  The issue I saw brewing did come up, and I continued to use the same logical talking points and deescalation tools that I have been using for years.  Instead of being completely ignored like usual though, she actually stopped and listened this time.  she admitted that it was a problem, she touched on why (all things I already know and have been saying myself for years) and then actually admitted that she needed to work on it.  
Now weather or not that happens, or if we end up right back in another rage "next time" is anyone's guess.

But I guess it kept the reaper away for at least one more go, eh?

Now, onward:

Last night, I dreamed that I was in a school, and I was having to do a book report with friends.  After that class, I went into the hall, and had no idea where my locker was, or what my schedule was, which is a constant in these dreams.  I was just going to go, because I realized that I didn't even have to be there at all.  This time, I decided to stay, however, and go to the office and learn my schedule.   When I got in there, it was packed, and I was in a line, but a friend told me to try a different line.  I got in the wrong one, and accidentally had to talk to some annoying radio personality guys.  After that, I got in the right one, and talked to a really old man with a ton of tattoos.  He was giving me some sage advice and information, and I don't remember anything else.

Glad it's Friday.

The world has been really fucking awful lately.

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