May. 25th, 2017

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So, last night, I dreamed that I was at "work" but instead of the real place, it was some sort of sprawling compound that was lit by fire / torchlight.  A load of people were going from one building to another, when we were attacked by some bad guys.  A co-worker threw me an old double-barreled break open shot gun and told me to take care of it, because he was late for a meeting, and didn't have time.  I went out into the fields, and there were a few people attacking us.   A couple of men, a woman, and a robot.  Maybe more people than that, but I'm not sure.  We were all running around shooting at one another.  I was the only one on my team, and my gun was awful.  The robot shot small rockets at me, and when thew blew up, I fell off a cliff thing, but I landed in snow, so it was ok.  I shot the people several times, but I guess I never did a good job because it really didn't slow them down too much.  It was a lot like some weird 80s action film.

I don't remember much else, before I woke up from that one.

The next one, I was at a school that was also a sort of ancient ruins in a jungle.  I was in a math class, and there was a lot of home work.  I was thinking about how I have not done home work in a lot of years, and realizing that I didn't even have to be there, so I could pretty much ignore whatever I didn't want to do.  But I felt guilty about it, and like I should try harder.  I also realized that I had forgotten my 'work disguise' and I was sitting there with my tattoos showing and everyone was looking at me.  There was a girl sitting in front of me, and she had never spoken to me before, even though we were towards the end of the year, but now, she just kept talking to me, and trying to be my friend.  I had all these weird little items on my desk and in my possession.  Small figurines and carvings and various things, with the imaged and shapes of awful little monsters, HP Lovecraft style.  I was trying to manage them and keep up with them, and get them back into my pockets and bags, so I could escape the classroom and climb a crumbling wall covered in vines, then escape into the forest, all without providing too much insult to this girl.

That's about all I remember there.

The final sequence from the night, I was trying to buy a new car, and it happened through a sort of web based menu, where I picked style, color and options.  I had a lot of money, so I was trying to get the best stuff and really make it awesome.  I got to a section about the drivetrain, and there were literally thousands of choices and none of them made much sense.  Specifically, I remember the "Instagram Drive" that would cause the car to take pictures and upload them to the internet.  That was one of the most sane, sensical options.  It just got weirder from there.  I wish I could remember more of the other ones in detail, but that's all I have.


I guess I don't have anything to write about aside from that.

I often feel that way these days.  You can only mention your current situations in life so much before you are repeating yourself, and we all know (by 'we all', I mean simply my own self, since I am the only one here) that I already do that more than enough.  No change in my personal interactions with people or life, no change in my financial situations.

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