May. 23rd, 2017

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Last night, I dreamed of climbing up and down these complicated concrete structures, of all shapes and sizes.  Some so tall and thin that they swayed in the darkness and were as deadly as could be.  Others just as simple as stairs.  I think they were over some sort of pool, and between places where people lived.  I feel like I have dreamed of them before.  Two people were with me, but I do not know what the goal was or if there was a destination at the end.

Not sure if it was another dream, or a different part of the same one, but I remember being in a room, with people coming in and out.  Everyone was getting ready to go somewhere.  Not sure if we were going together, to the same place, or splitting up.  I was supposed to be changing, but there were infinite distractions and an abiding weariness of some sort.


Over all, a quiet night.  Apologies received.  I yearn for simplicity.  Maybe it's impossible if you involve yourself with any other people on any level.  It's funny, most people dream of winning the lotto (etc) to be able to jet around and be social and adventurous.  I dream of being able to become a hermit and not starve to death.

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