May. 12th, 2017

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I slept poorly last night.  Woke up with enough neck and back pain that I took some meds again for the first time in a few weeks.

the only dream I remember is that I as riding in a car with my exgf driving.  She was taking me to see her college campus.  We arrived (her driving was kinda scary in the dream) and parked in a big parking lot, then walked across a grassy area with trees and monuments and stuff.  Her school consisted of a whole lot of log cabins and weird small old settler style houses, spread out over some small hilly land with nice sidewalks all over.  It looked like a theme park or something for the frontier times.  All the teachers and staff were wearing old pilgrim style clothing, and the classes seemed to consist of things like butter churning and saddle stitching and candle making and other frontier days type stuff.  We walked all over, and she showed me this stuff and introduced me to her teachers like it was totally normal.  It kept getting more and more strange and surreal as we went along, until finally, I had to grab her by the boobs, and steer her back to the parking lot so we could escape.


I know there were other dreams, but I don't have any memories.  There was more to that one as well, but the details escape me.
That one was more interesting and funny than creepy in any way.

Storm clouds are brewing for this weekend.  I wonder how it'll end up.  I keep seeing all those things just under the surface, and the just barely bubbling out keeps being a thing.  Last night was borderline issues.  I will be surprised if the weekend passes without some kind of meltdown or the other.

I'm not feeling particularly more patient or tolerant of bullshit than I was last time.  

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