May. 3rd, 2017

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I had a bad night of it last night.  Severe acid reflux while I was trying to sleep.  Shocked awake gagging and burning.  Felt like I was going to vomit.  I got upright before it happened, and I was ok after a bit.  I figured it was a one off and went back to sleep, but nope, some indeterminate time later, there we go again, with the exact same thing.  

Needless to say, I didn't want that again.  If it wasn't for having to be up for work, I would have just stayed up, but I haven't slept well any night this week, so I really needed rest.  I went back to sleep in a mostly sitting up position.  It worked for the acid issue, but did not make my neck and back issues feel very happy.

Somewhere during all this, I assume because I was sleeping so poorly, and with tension, I had this dream that all kinds of people kept coming in my room while I was trying to sleep.  My room was really big in the dream, and tons of people just kept parading through, and hanging out.  It was really annoying and invasive.  They kept messing with my stuff and hanging out.

At some point during this, my brother and his friends came in, and cleared a space near my bed, then proceeded to tell me that they had a surprise for me.  I didn't want a surprise, I wanted to sleep.  They dragged in a couple of  really huge poorly made crate style cages.  One of them had three to five small monkeys in it, as well as some other random animals.  A weasel maybe, a bird or three.  The other one had something that sounded really angry in it, but I was never sure what it was.  All these things were chattering and carrying on with noise and ruckus while I just wanted to sleep.

I asked if any of them were able to be handled, and they said no, they all bite and are mean and wild.  Great, now I had to deal with all this mess, for the rest of their natural lives, and don't even get anything out of it really.  At that point, I realized that not only were there like twenty people milling about my room, messing with my stuff, but that someone had let Nigel out, and all the doors were also left open.  I was really pissed off by this time.

 I knew I would never get back to sleep with all these damn animals and birds screeching, so I got up and started making people leave.  They were indignant, like I was the one being rude, and they should be entitled to the use of my room in any way they liked.

Well, forget that.  I got everyone cleared out.  I looked all over for Nigel, and couldn't find him, so I went into the next room to the right of my bed, and there was a ton of stuff in there.  Something stirred under a blanked on a couch, so I looked under, and there he was, just chilling.  I wrangled him back to where he belonged with a sense of relief.  

Then, I decided to take a shower.  For some reason I had 4 different showers in my room.  A glass stand alone shower in the far right corner, a weird short walled tile shower kind of in the center, a typical shower / tub combo along the left wall, and another one of indeterminate style along the back wall.  I couldn't decide which one to use, and before I figured it out, someone else was just waltzing into my room like they owned the place.
 I'm not sure who it was, because I woke up about then.

Other news:
Response sent, now it's a waiting game.  Could be days / weeks / months.  Apparently no one knows.  So I guess all we can do now, is wait and see what happens next.

Other, other news:  No changes.  Tick tock noot noot.

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