Mar. 23rd, 2017

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Last night I dreamed about driving a weird van that had 2 full sets of controls / steering wheels, etc. I couldn't see out of it very well, so I grew into a giant spirit, 20 stories tall, clinging to the van with my toes, and looking down, to navigate it through a city. I don't really remember any details aside from that, but I know there was a whole story to go with it.

So, I gave it my best shot, and chose the Chiropractor yesterday. Picked one between work and home (closer to home) via google, based primarily off of convenient location. Went to by to get signed up and see if they took my insurance, etc. The receptionist said that he had time to see me in a few mins, so I filled everything out. After a 15, or 20 min wait, I hot prodded around on a bit, and then x-rayed. He found a lump of some kind in the affected area, and did something to make some unknown something in my back pop a couple of times. But, he has to examine the xrays to really see what's happening in there. I have to go back today after work. I guess we will see how that goes.

At least I am trying, right? That's gotta count for something.
Or not. Whatever. Fuck you.

Looking for decent quality, realistic looking, sturdy human skull replicas for a reasonable price is kind of absurd. Some of the prices, I could get a real one for that much.


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