Mar. 21st, 2017

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Dreamed last night about having to watch these horrible children. It was all over the place, too. One part was at a house I have been to before, in dreams. Part of it was at a weird mall place, and then part of it was at a second house. The dream had everything from weird giant cheese sandwiches, to guys driving past, threatening to beat me up for being weird, to one kid pushing another down the stairs. Repeatedly. I remember random little details, but I don't know that it makes much of a narrative.

Did I talk about the kittens? Zero Bobcats. That was disappointing. Since she was a stray, and became preggers at a state part with a lot of bobcats, I was hoping for the best. What we ended up with is 1 pink, 1 yellow, 1 red, 1 light/grey tortie, 1 silver, and 1 dark/black tortie. They all have long bodies, long legs, and really long tails. They were born on Sunday. I petted every single one of them yesterday.

Aside from that (or, including that, you be the final judge), everything is basically shitty garbage.

I am honestly feeling (at the moment, the larger moment however, I suppose...) that I have absolutely no idea why I am bothering to exist.
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Processed Meat

Here in this heart
where hidden devils dwell
with muscles on fire
and brain oozing rabid mice

Waiting to learn
what electricity tastes like
Every creeping thing
crawls across my skin

Freezing wind
blowing inside and out
Life is starting to feel
like the ending to a sad boring tale

There is no cure
no straw into gold
Just this
endless tumbling

More spit than shine
The cave is empty
but if we want to live
then we need the beast

Quietly begging
to not go quietly
Asking permission
to ask permission

Two roads diverged
in a decaying wood
we dug a hole
and crawled inside

Going nowhere
the carriage held
but ourselves
and less humanity

The journey of
a thousand miles
with a single step

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