Jan. 2nd, 2017

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Didn't get hillbilly'd on Friday, picking up my saw from Craigslist. That's good.
One item down, tons more to go. It was missing a 13 dollar part, which I have ordered, and it is clearly used, but it's not bad for the price. I paid 75.00 for it, and new, it's a 200.00 saw.

Getting an organized list together of other things that I need, because my current list is a total mess, and half written down and half in my head, and it's just too fractured. Kind of like that sentence I just wrote.

I know that I had dreams last night, I remembered something about them for a few mins after I woke up, but they've fallen out of my head now.

Pretty much didn't do anything for new-year's. Went to the grocery on Saturday, and got stuff for the next week or more. So I guess I don't really HAVE to go anywhere or do anything for a while :D
No complaints there.

Maybe I should stop off and buy a lotto ticket though, just to see if 2017 is my year :D
Can you make a resolution to win the lotto?

It's funny how little my life would change. My projects and my ability to learn things would be more funded, and I wouldn't have to work anymore, but over all, that's about it. Maybe it doesn't sound like much, but my real dream life is just safety, security, space, and being able to create.

Sounds like heaven.

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