Sep. 12th, 2017


Sep. 12th, 2017 07:34 am
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 I'm back.

Been home from work the last 3 business days,

Misery fading into dreams.  Dreams fading into misery.

I'm still here.  
Sometimes I don't know why.

I guess things relationship wise have been smooth since the previously mentioned 'Come to Jesus' discussion.  Which again... Just proves that it can be.  And if it can be, and it should be, then why isn't it?  Why does it take some special apocalypse in order for things to be smooth?  But I guess I am just being picky and fussy, to dwell on it.  Learn the lesson, and move forward.

That isn't the largest factor in my current spiraling depression.
The (also previously mentioned) 'house guests' are the lion's share of the issue, to be sure.

IDK if 'vagueblogging' is a thing.  I'm not really trying to be like that.
I guess....  Sometimes, shouting into the void is as useless as anything else.

No offence, Void.  Hope your family is well.

I've only ever talked to maybe 2, possibly 3 people about the issues with this particular family member.  I don't know that anyone even bothers to remember.  Not that I would expect them to, I guess.  Not like I'm going to blast it out here, considering how closely I have kept it my entire life.  I'll just be glad and relieved when they are gone.

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