Sep. 1st, 2017

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 Thursday night, I dreamed about a big library sort of place.  I was either dropped off there for a whole day, or I had dropped someone else off, I'm not sure.  After a while, I was waiting in a car, with a pile of books.  I think I had a telephone conversation about a cat.  Or maybe it was a telephone conversation WITH a cat.  It's unclear.  Whoever I was waiting on was not coming for like 8 hours, so I decided to sleep in the car.  As I tried to sleep, some weirdo started breaking into the car, waving a hand held Nintendo of some flavor in my face, screaming "I made you in Zelda!"  I looked at the screen, and there was some sort of character creation thing going on, and they had made a little guy who did sort of resemble me.  I went to the courthouse and filed papers of some sort, I think it was a restraining order on the Zelda situation.  I know some other stuff happened, but I can't recall what.

Time is slowly grinding, grinding slowly, and it's a slow grind.

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