Apr. 18th, 2017 02:50 pm
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Tormenting drought once wilted her petals
She plucked herself up by the roots
And ran
Stumbling over stones and refuse
Blind from the grievous sun  
She wept
Washing the dust from her eyes
Clarity in the wasteland, visions dancing the horizon
She fought
Days, in and out, challenges faced
Mountains climbed, deserts drying her enemies
Then crossed
Beyond, bathed in rich dew, she found a forest
The scent of earth and hope and life rooted her
She bloomed
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Processed Meat

Here in this heart
where hidden devils dwell
with muscles on fire
and brain oozing rabid mice

Waiting to learn
what electricity tastes like
Every creeping thing
crawls across my skin

Freezing wind
blowing inside and out
Life is starting to feel
like the ending to a sad boring tale

There is no cure
no straw into gold
Just this
endless tumbling

More spit than shine
The cave is empty
but if we want to live
then we need the beast

Quietly begging
to not go quietly
Asking permission
to ask permission

Two roads diverged
in a decaying wood
we dug a hole
and crawled inside

Going nowhere
the carriage held
but ourselves
and less humanity

The journey of
a thousand miles
with a single step


Feb. 11th, 2016 07:38 am
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hands straining
their grip a speculative fantasy
holding broken parts together
fiction enough in the best of times
a task most impossible
when you tear
when you disassemble
a master of your trade
mechanic of mayhem
killer of quietude
doctor of despair
I wasn't born with enough teeth
to bite down on this life
my tears serve as a poor glue
for suturing open wounds
and keeping guts inside
you can sit on a wall
and have a great fall
and no one
can put you back together again
if you refuse to stop scattering the pieces
while murdering the king's
horses and men


Nov. 4th, 2015 08:08 am
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With your heart in shadows
your voice recalls my name
Hands, flailing as you fall
you only reach for me in despair
Drowning, you scramble for my ship
At your lowest, you seek me out
you can't face the dark alone

When you walk in the sun
worthier muses fill your days
In your joys, I am dismissed
Moths turned to butterflies
fluttering from nepenthe to absinthe
you forget my face and I am a stranger
Embracing the light, you ignore me

Misery loves company
but visiting hours are over, doors closed
I have seen your True Face,
heard your venom drip down the walls
Extended hand, withdrawn
I will have been gone for a long time
when next you wake and remember me


Sep. 18th, 2015 10:14 am
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Long years of walking
gravel roads
broken fences
and decomposing dogs

Wishing on stars
grants you nothing:
a broken heart
wrapped in a fresh October Grave

Our Hero has taken Silence for his bride
Baked dark and rubbery
arid, crumbling
he waits for the rain

bathed in tallow
he desperately clutches a shell to his ear

Every bodily function
sluggishly running on automatic
listening with all his might
and still, you can not hear the ocean from here
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Rabid broken angels
Torn, wheezing despair
Halos dim
Wings sundered
Stumbling and flopping
like oil spill seagulls

Harps and trumpets twisted
Robes soiled, flesh ripped, hair burned
Blackened eyes - empty echos - dried and crusted
The sounds of the choir
replaced with the croaking of frogs
and the braying of asses

Hearts bruised and battered
until they have lost all sense
The compass idly spins
Heaven is flooded
with the blood of the faithful

A doorknob for every lamb
falling down the stairs
Paradise heats up slow
Insensate to the mangling
the fall is always abhorred
less than the landing


Jun. 10th, 2014 04:55 pm
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The world spins
and I'm out wandering
Desolate paths in deserted cities

crumbling into faithlessness
a faceless mess
Waiting on Nature to come back and take over

I keep three gifts
rotting by the roadside
portioned for beasts

A wet leather sack of meat
tied up with shedding hair
Held together with a fine network of scars
softly leaking

I've got a wooden heart and four bent nails
Half driven
A trail of swollen thumbs

The Goddess of Graveyards dances in my dreams
promising an endless embrace
"You can't be alone forever, because I'm waiting..."
There is no truer love

Shifting steep on the summit
there is the distant tolling of a bell
a weak shield for burning forests

Shifting deep on the horizon
there is a light struggling against a storm
a small warning for sharp rocks

Bathed in ash
of every star fallen
I will end in an echo


Apr. 25th, 2014 11:26 am
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        Shepherd of Death

But Death can not hold you
Lance dripping venom and rage
  You rise and rise again

Culling the battlefield

  Plucking souls for the hall
        bitter sweet
You are denied your own reward


You carry the voices of your enemies
Clutched close to your heart
 A nest of steel, Ice, and black down

Broken claws and bloody hands

       Mouth dripping ichor
Pulling your own wings off
One feather at a time

Day fades to

             Becomes Night
But the sun always rises

 Take your stand at dawn

Put down your wounds
     Pick up your sword

Thought and Memory
   Never meant to be a prison
But raised on wings
That you might oversee the wolves

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Floral print heart
   dripping old lace and ashes
 Filthy window panes
reflect memories as dim as daytime dramas
Fifty year old carpet
           Sun bleached
    patchy colours of mold and rot
A thousand years of saintly Sundays still can't stop time
The laughter of children and fresh barn hay
       replaced with the Bean Sidhe  wail
                       of groaning pipes and the rusty blood stink of stale water

Wheezing sputter and cough
Asthmatic clouds of noise
   too thick for the oxygen tanks to chase away
All light drained into one room
        Woe to the one who walks those halls
Trek past shadowy mementos lined like entombed soldiers, waiting in the dark
the heavy breath of dust covering the distant choked echos of lost love, fractured family and vanished vitality
             Water lies beyond fear
                           Malevolence waits above
                                     That grim specter with icy hate which grips hearts, thundering rabbit panic

Overgrown lawn
      Roses gone feral
                   Seven Sisters, thorns and bees
                 reaching from the shutters toward the egg-water bird bath
Heart of stone
   Rage fueled isolation
propelling petrified bones
One stomping step in front of the other
    Tangling fall and a broken hip
Clawed hands dripping venom, still keeping all at bay
         Broken, sharp teeth
                all puss and corruption
Suffocating shroud of must and potpourri
Yellow leather wrinkles, more dark blotches than hair
     Passing into the obscurity of death
             The world rests a little easier


Jun. 13th, 2013 03:33 pm
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forget me
       I bleed out in back alleys
     Patron Saint of Hookers and Drug Dealers

                Run Away Adventurer
    Knight of cardboard castles
       trail of broken hearts and rotten dreams

             final breath escaping
  as nothing more than another disappointed sigh
                I won't leave a stain or a stone

      I have called your name
             from inbetween love and the grave
          never even answered with an echo

   no sounds in hollow chests
       no treasures or riches
no warmth or safety

     struggle and tumult
       like the raucous Fist of God
 metering out abiding oblivion


Apr. 25th, 2013 02:06 pm
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Infinite waiting with a twisted gut
You come and go like storms at sea
Swirling browns, dizzying spirals
Your wake smells of anise and wormwood

Gold and silver
hidden under decay and madness
My heart echos into my empty arms
I have seen your face
and I have cried for you

Action and reaction
an endless knotted loop
Never a matter of being lost
it was always about not wanting to be found

You hide and clench your soul into a fist
If you would but extend your hand
you could have the world

Rich brocade of fantasy lands
swirling around your head
Words flowing in harmony
with the universe
All the spirits singing just for you

Instead you fall to neglect
boards creak in your haunted house
you waste your time
feeding the things which destroy you

Exhausted and disenchanted
I withdraw from your garden
A thousand nights on deaf ears
One night to walk away
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Long Winter

Seven Cycles
Long hair & arctic wastes
Bare limbs reaching
between a cat and a coffin

Dancing through sorrow
Collection of infected brides
covering the coverings
of past transgressions

Pure as crystal
wrapped in shadows
A compass guiding me forever North

Warmth in a blizzard
A single light in a darkened world
Distant comfort
always out of reach

That winter horizon
has frozen over
The gelid winds
have chilled my heart


Jan. 15th, 2013 10:26 am
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The Suffering of Angels
languid like syrup
sugared sweet
black as charcoal
drips solemnly down your leg

Wary thundering heart
walking through dust
swollen and softly choking
rains searing needles of fire
Blind panic tip-toes in the dark

Breathing water
Ice completely consuming 
a million outstretched hands 
Fingers grasping crushed lemons
Bitter sting on your tongue

Drink deep the plague of poison
softly stroking your soul
Lightning hammers it's way back in
eagerly moving against
the delectable tide of Time and Fate


Oct. 4th, 2012 01:56 pm
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Tonight the sky rumbles
filled with lights.
Clouds painted across,
reflecting the city glow.

I can hear
beneath and behind all this
the maddening tick
of a clockwork heart.

It's all temporary -
the weather fades.
The heavens have the luxury
of becoming something else.

We all fade -
for some it means change
for others it means an end.
No rebirth from these ashes.

Time screams
"Ready or not
here I come!"
And it does.

Impolitely and
Crushing a path.
Grinding to dust.

Nothing but echos left, those fading.
And somewhere,
it's supposed to get easier.

But that's just a lie
that they tell us
in an attempt
to keep us warm at night.
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I read your life
rolling across the void
Slithering discretely
You will never know
that I can see you from here

You're too lost to live
Too stupid to die
You swing and spin and loop
Lies building upon lies
until you don't even know the truth yourself

You, the Holy Ghost
of your own damnation
But you've made your choices
Lying abed with your own life
You could have been, but instead

The upswing with
the bleeding arms
A monster
skin and bone
Vague laws of physics
binding your atoms, one to another

Your brain crafts a hero
ascribing nobility to your noose
We fight the same wars
but we see different battles
Tactics on the field
I withdraw
you embrace

You have a shield for a face
and an open heart
I have a shield for a heart these days
and a face like a dead dog

Poverty has served us well
tromping boots smelling
of fungus
and oil

A penny on my soul
says that you
still check the closet before sleep
should sleep ever come
same as I remain handy with the knife

Even all of his blood
if spilled
red and flammable
could never set us free
The damage done
is done
and done
is done
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Your blood is bitter
yet I continue to gorge myself
Crawling to my confinement, I avoid the sun
when I should be sailing far afield
across emerald seas and cerulean bays

I dwell in your houses
of shit and mud
Lifting my brutish head
to howl at the scarred face of the moon
My heart echos in empty hills and hollows

A portrait of sickness
I fester and scab
Waiting for a guide
Drowning in the tide
Wishing I had died

I have a Love/Hate relationship with Life
Shoelaces tied around my neck
Your thick stench

Dreaming of the trees and the wind
All the rocks and water
Moss covered bowers
mordant with monsters inside
I wait for the seasons to change
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Futile Saint and Savior
pulling the coins from my own eyes
embezzling finances from Death
Broken wings, more fractured
in the attempt to shelter the world

Keeping the gate open for the lost
guiding the way to something better
even though I am denied entrance
Not a guard, but a barker
Serving eternal penance

I lie in wait for Rapture
Out of sight, out of my mind
Inexorably entombed
bound rigidly to my role
Taming beasts and transforming monsters

Here I've made a name for myself
feeding the milk of my breast
to animals less vicious than myself
until they've sharpened their teeth
enough to fly away

But in my heart
I knew that I was going to raise up
every Dark Thing from the sea
until the world was cleansed
by salt water


Dec. 9th, 2011 12:38 pm
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A million doors closing
Life sounds like dominoes
cascading across the table

All passages sealed away
overgrown with barnacles
Never to be used again

Flesh sick and twisting
Everyone has a passenger
Everyone has a parasite

Watching from distant rockslides
my heart becomes
a monument to desolation

With the sunset
I will walk into the wind
and disappear


Dec. 5th, 2011 12:36 pm
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The mercy of wolves
teeth soaked in words
Science lies bleeding
Devoured and picked clean

Years spent hiding
like the shadowy orbit
of a distant planet
slowly turning a cage into a pyre

Waiting out life cycles
Nest of domestic servitude
laced and ready to combust
A spark catches

The rest consists of
Dancing in the fire
Reading the entrails
of days gone by

Some witches can't be burned
They are tempered into hard steel
Over and
over again

Five century cycle
all detail exposed
Push comes to shove comes to

Rising from familial ashes
Fire and glory
Leaving all eyes
hollow sockets


Jun. 30th, 2011 04:56 pm
poisonedgrace: (Chaos Reigns)

I stand in her shadow
my tongue a swollen lump of rancid meat
Like my words, dead in my mouth

"Third time's the charm." she says
clothed only in one shoe
dangling casually from one foot

Different smiles, on different heads
long forgotten words, echo in my hollow
"Three... For luck."

Choking back bitter memories
Leaves starting to fall from the branches
of the greenest tree

Ankle deep in the brine
salt stinging our wounds
Chest heaving clouds of frozen breath

Lessons never learned
The words of Peter ringing in the space between us:

"Be sober, be vigilant;
because your adversary the devil,
as a roaring lion, walketh about,
seeking whom he may devour"

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