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Yesterday, an online friend was asking me about Nigel, and where he came from.
So, I decided, for the first time ever, to reveal the origin of Nigel Rupert Toastwater III

(for more info, please visit Nigel at http://www.myspace.com/toastwater and http://nigeltoastwater.livejournal.com/profile thanks)

I then realized, that the story should be shared with the world, so here you go:

My boat sprung a leak off the eastern cost of Africa. I put ashore for supplies and repairs. Unfortunatley, there was no civilization. My Swahili is pathetic at best, but I managed to meet some natives told me of something called a 'gumgum fruit' that produces a thick heavy sap. I was hoping that I could use it to repair my boat.

I traveled three days and three nights into the jungles.

Terrible danger around every turn!

Finally I came befre a giant statue. The statue was holding a tiny man. he said that I had to get the blessing of the forest spirit before I could gather the gumgum fruit.

to gain the blessing of the forest spirit, I had to do several tasks.
I had to remove a thorn from a Rhino's foot (even harder than it sounds).
I had to help a Lioness give birth (she had twins).
For the third task, I had to find out what had been stealing the old man on the statue's bread at night when he slept.

This was the most difficult task.

I sat, awake, for 6 days and nights, and every morning, when the sun came up, the bread was missing with no trace.

Finally, I had a plan.
I wrapped the bread up with a long green jubgo vine, and wound the vine into a coil, tying the other end to a large stone.
The next morning, the bread was gone. I followed the vine to see where it had gone.

Eventually, it led me to the hollow within a tree.
There, eating the bread was a small spotted animal.
I says to the animal, "AHA!" I says.
The Spotted Animal looked up, bread in his hands, and he says "Oh noes!"

I captured him, by grabbing his head in one hand, and his hips in the other. He was very long and twisty. He nearly severed my arm in the struggle! I took him back to the old man, who invoked the Forest Spirit.

The Forest Spirit came down from the jungle canopy and said to the Spotted Animal "You there, Genet!"
The genet (fot that is indeed what the spotted animal was) replied "I DINNAN DOOS IT!"
"You have been caught with the bread of my Prophet heavy in your gut, vile animal!" thundered the Forest Spirit, "You are hereby sentenced to death!"

Then, the Forest spirit commanded that I destroy the genet by pulling his little head off. For this task, I was to be awarded the gumgum fruit.

The genet looked up at me with big pittiful eyes and said "Nooooo! I is jussa baby!"
So, we told the Forest Spirit, and his Prophet (whose name was Edwardo, by the way) that they could both get bent. We left there, came back at night, stole the gumgum fruit from them, repaired the boat, and sailed to Egypt.

the end(?)

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here's a couple of Nigel pictures. i've been lax in posting them lately.

he likes cameras. TASTY!

here's a blurry one. he's hard to take pictures of. he's fast. i liked something about this one, so here it is.

no, he's NOT a kitty! Read the FAQ!

Click here for more Nigel Rupert Toastwater III pictures!

Join the Nigel Army
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the one i wanna put first is kinda big, so i'll put them all behind a cut.

these are pictures of Nigel Rupert Toastwater III. i almost guest star in one.

Nigel Goodness )

ok, i promise those are the last pics for today. you may now resume your regularly scheduled boredom.
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here ya go. i kinda like this one. it pretty much sums things up.....

sometimes you just have to stand on your friend's head.
Nigel and I, on parade.

The Nigel Club

Nigel is a Large Spotted Genet (Read the FAQ).

want to see more pictures of Nigel (or me)?
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and once again, we have.....

Nigel Rupert Toastwater III

and two more )

yay, all kinds of entertaining, aren't i?
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well, i guess summer is finally here.... the first summer since we've had Nigel (it was summer when we got him, but that doesn't count in relation to this topic).

he's shedding his winter coat.

i didn't even notice he HAD a winter coat.
he didn't look any different.
he hardly EVER wore his scarf.

and he hardly ever shed before.

but now, there's this genet hair all over!
it's like there was a whole 'nother genet, and it exploded, but with none of the ooky guts or anything.

i guess it's not any worse than any cat or anything, it's ust kinda sudden, and i wasn't expecting it, since there was no shedding up till now.

but here's a picture anyhow.
pointy head!
Nigel Rupert Toastwater III

and as usual....

Uncle Nige Wants You!.

please just Read the FAQ before you ask me anything...

if you want to see more pictures of Nigel....


Jun. 2nd, 2003 04:15 pm
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here you go.

i'm not sorry if it's too big.

i purposefully did not put it behind a cut.

too bad, huh?

Nigel Rupert Toastwater III

Lick Nigel.

please just Read the FAQ before you ask me anything!

want to see more pictures of Nigel?
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i just went in my room to grab some clothes before i jump in the shower. as i was looking for some reasonably clean undies, i kept noticing a strange quiet like musical noise.

i thought it was my mom in the living room, playing some game, but it kept getting louder and louder. i began to panic, thinking i'd left the door open, worried that Nigel would wander out. i spun around to see the door firmly closed.

the music was still getting louder.

i made my way confusedly across the room. then i noticed that the radio was on.
i never (as in not one time, ever) use the radio part. it's a combination cd/mp3/radio thingy. i'll play cds and mp3s on it sometimes, but i've never used the radio part. but i guess Nigel likes the radio.

he had it turned on, and tuned to some classical music station. he was sitting up in the closet, kind of above, and to the right of the radio, happily listening away.


it's pretty impressive that he not only turned it on, but switched modes from cd to radio, AND had it actually tuned to a real station. i was very impressed.

i turned it off on him though.

i know, i know... he prolly worked hard for it, but i figure if he can't even ask permission before he just uses my stuff, he can just start over from scratch ;)

actually, i'm really curious if he'll do it again.

i mean, i know realistically that it was a fluke. but it was still really really cool.
and a touch scary.

he'll be working power tools next...
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we VERY nearly named Nigel 'Stitch' instead.

he is pretty much JUST like Stitch from disney's Lilo and Stitch movie.

the Stitch who had the montage of rampages all over, and who destroyed the little fake city. he's small, cute, and has a mischief streak about 6 miles wide that he just can't shake. he'll look at you with this expression saying "i know better, but i'm going to bite you anyhow. i can't help it. it's out of my control. but after i do it, i'm going to scamper about and be cute."

comparing him to Stitch is a pretty common thing in our house... i just never thought to mention it on here for some reason.

oh, and if you haven't sen that movie, not only SHAME ON YOU! but also WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
it's really really good. it honestly restored my faith in disney after years and years of being upset with them. then treasure planet showed me that it wasn't a one time deal! hopefully they'll keep up the good movie streak...


May. 12th, 2003 10:52 am
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i keep meaning to say something here, but i keep forgetting what it is...

so instead, you get Nigel pictures.

they're all behind a cut, because they're really long! not wide... just long.

they're all pics of him standing up.

he's a stand up guy )

if i can remember what i was going to say later, i'll come back.

toot toot!

May. 1st, 2003 09:55 pm
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happy birthday

to nigel

who is one year old today!


that first pic was Nigel a week or so after we got him, so that'd be about 11 weeks old or so. the second pic was just a couple of weeks ago, so you can see how much he's grown over the past year! you can compare his size to my big old mellon head, cause it sure hasn't changed any in size. if anything it's gotten bigger.

Happy birthday Nigel! We love you! Even though you are fucking disgusting!
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this will have more meaning for local people i suppose, although the truths here are universal.

pet stores suck.

let me repeat that, you might not have been paying attention


i have been pretty much swinging back and forth between confusion, fury, guilt, wrath and sadness since saturday afternoon. i can't stop thinking about all this crap, and i hate feeling so powerless over it. i'll tell the story now before i get into how i feel...

just the facts, ma'am )
it's really long, and it may wander a bit, but i'm too jumbled over it all to do any better right now.

*EDIT* i'm adding a link to the Genet / Nigel FAQ incase you show up here for the first time, and are in WTF mode.
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this post was entirely inspired by [livejournal.com profile] kushiel26's post that is to be found here http://www.livejournal.com/users/kushiel26/33604.html

i said to myself (and to him) "why didn't i think of that!?"
and, since it was such a good idea, i made it go!

so, what we end up with, is a whole party of gibberingly insane monsters from space.
we have a bunch of Cthulhus, and the dreaded T'uos T'w'ter! pray that the stars are never right!

the spots are right

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fhtagn! )

oh, and if none of this makes any sense to you at all, shame on you for not being an H.P. Lovecraft nerd! (or at least having a good knowledge base about slumbering space monsters!) go to http://www.hplovecraft.com/ and http://www.gizmology.net/lovecraft/
you can find countless HPL stuff all over.
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i want to get more pics of him standing up and doing things. it cracks me up when he does it. he'll stand up and look around. he'll stand up to reach something. he'll stand up when he gets in a sword fight.

huh? what? i didn't do it! i swear!

this really makes Nigel happy.

questions? (as in "what is that thing?") -- Read the FAQ!

do i have more pictures of him? -- why, yes.... i do!
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i have some Nigel pictures for you all!
i got a few the other night, i'll post some of them now, and maybe more later.

here's a funny close-up of his face. he looks kinda goofy in this one.

you know the drill...
so make with the clicking! )

i'll be posting more pictures within the next couple of days most likely.
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the FTP mysteriously decided to work today. sometimes i hate computers.

anyhow, here it is. i thought he looked funny and evil with the glowing eyes.


and no, i'm not a plumber. the pipe is for a sculpture i've been kinda working on a little here and there. when or if i finish it, i'll post pictures.

yesterday didn't end up being very good for me. so far, neither is today... why can't i ever just leave myself alone?

What is it?! Read the FAQ!
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i found this a while back... kept meaning to post it, but i kept forgetting.
this was taken by the breeder just a few (i think 3 or 4) days after Nigel and his two litter-brothers were born.


no idea which one is him... but one of them is! and there's his mom too.

it may not be terribly exciting, but it made me happy!

What is it?! Read the FAQ!

what a happy family album! why don't you join the family?
here's a link to the other pictures of Nigel
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here's Nigel's halloween costume from 2002 (his first halloween)

this came about, because all of my halloween supplies were scattered all over, and Nigel was getting into them. i looked over, and noticed he was running around the room with a pirate eye-patch in his mouth. so i knew that was his way of telling me that he wanted to be a pirate for halloween. so i got him the hook up!

Pirate Nigel
i shore be one kyoot pirate, and you can lay to that!

this (obviously) is the picture that my icon comes from, but i've been thinking about replacing that icon anyhow. we'll see.

anyhow, i hope you enjoy!

What is it?! Read the FAQ!

Nigel got all dressed up for you, so why don't you reward the little guy?
or you can look at some nekkid pictures of Nigel
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Nigel seems to have learned a new trick....

he now runs and hides whenever he sees and / or hears the camera. i think it's a phase, and he's just being difficult (he does that sometimes). back when i first started taking pictures of him, it was hard to get good ones because he always had his face right up against the camera. now it's the complete opposite.

i'm sure i'll get some decent ones at some point soon. there's just not gonna be any of this weekly updating of Nigel pics business. he can get his own web page heh. anyone reading this should be reading it for more reasons than a chance to get a glimpse of a cute animal anyhow!

so that's that! NYAAAAAH! :P

i will be posting pictures of various things all the time still. i just wanted to retract my promise of weekly nigel pictures.
*watches as he gets removed from everyones friends lists*

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lately, Nigel has been really into eating all this dried fruit stuff. dried bananas, dried apples, whatever... trail mix kinda stuff. it all started because we use this NutriPhase ferret food for Karbunkl (who is a ferret, duh) and it has banana chips in it, and nigel loves it.

so we got him some lil baggies of it, and i give him some every night.
well last night, i was putting it in his bowl, and he ran into his cage, so i closed the door for bed time. he was eatin up his dried fruit and being really happy.

i moved my hand, to pick something up, that was near his cage, on his food bowl side.
he looked at a raisin in the bowl.
he looked at my face.
he looked at his raisin.
he looked at my hand.

he looked at my face.
he looked at his raisin.
he looked at my hand.
he looked at his raisin.

then he decided that i was trying to steal his raisin for some reason. greedy little bastard. so he snarled, showed me his teeth, and hissed at me a little.

i thought that was really funny, so i had to make fun of him about it.

you know, the 'goo-goo baby voice'
"awwww, Nige! am i gonna steal yer tasty raisin? HAR HAR HAR! here i come! imma get it! you better watch out!"

this was followed by several attempts at vicious posturing to be sure he let me know exactly who the raisin belonged to.

so then i just poked him a little, and he shut up.

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