Jul. 11th, 2017

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Last night I had a dream that I had been arrested.  Again.  In the dream, it was "again".  I have never been arrested before in the real world.  I'm not sure what was going on, but I was on some sort of action movie rampage, and people were shooting all over, only no one was getting hurt.  They came to get me, and I snatched up a gun with like a hundred bullets in it, and emptied it into the neck of some guy who was after me, and he just kind of calmly accepted that.  Then the cops came and very politely and respectfully took me away.  They made me change clothes, but they didn't take my helmet away from me, or book me to learn who I was.  

So, my helmet was like a full head thing, with some sort of HUD and PA  / EVR thing, kind of like how Iron Man sees the world.  I had it send my mom a message to let her know what was going on, while I started working on a way to get out of there.

There was more to that one, and a lot of details, but that's about all I can remember.

Later, my next dream, my family ran some sort of general store / train station / post office sort of thing.  I guess that might be how it was in the wild west or something.  I remember taking a call from someone expecting a package on the trail later that day, but they couldn't give me enough info to be helpful.  We sold a variety of different swords, all styles and sizes.  We sold monkeys and birds and a lot of different "anti-monster supplies" like glow in the dark tooth-brushes that would stop the monsters from ever being able to enter your bathroom.  Most of the birds, and some of the monkeys could talk.  Cam was moving away to embark on some sort of internship, and Eric was taking over the pets division of the outfit.  He was really good at talking to the animals.

That one was very detailed, and in spite of how it sounds, was also somehow very realistic.

I don't even remember any details about last night.  I don't think there were any issues, but frankly, I'm not sure that I could tell you either way.  Sometimes it's like that.  I get detached and a numbness settles over and I just don't care.  My backup plan is 'die old and alone under a pile of books, and eaten by my 40 cats I will collect up", so it feels like there's no point in really making any changes, unless it gets to a breaking point.  Who cares anyhow?  It's never really been what it should, at any point in my life, no reason to have expectations now.  Or for the future.

There's no point in having dreams, because I always wake up from them.

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