Jun. 29th, 2017

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Fragment of a dream last night.  I was gathering up all these baby birds, and trying to put them in a box.  There were all different kinds, and I'm not sure what I was even supposed to be doing with them.  As this became hectic, some other types of baby animals began to show up, and some person was there, trying to tell me something.  That's all I have on that one.

Nothing else has changed since yesterday.

Still working on getting bills paid, hoping for the best, and working towards some form of relief.  Only 5 more months )plus 1 small payment) left on my loan, getting that paid off will be a massive help.  Nine more months left on the lawyer payments.  Really hoping with toes crossed and cheeks clenched tight that no other deviltry comes up before at least one, if not both of those go down.

I realize that hoping for more than a temporary reprieve from such burdens is too much to ask for.

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