Jun. 21st, 2017

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Last night, I dreamed about being in a parking lot at some big facility type place.  Maybe a college campus or something.  Someone was goofing off and backed into my car.  They had a car full of people, and they were mostly apologetic and we were trading insurance info and whatever when their friend came over to see what was going on.  Turns out, their friend was Ice T, and he was happy that I wasn't being a dick, even though his friends were totally at fault.  We got to talking and became friends, and went for a walk around this facility.

There was a big courtyard kind of area with some statues, and bathrooms and stuff.  We went to check out some graffiti we saw, and then we walked into a building for a few minutes.  When we came back out, someone had painted over the graffiti / mural thing, and we were pissed about it.   We agreed to meet back up at dark, and paint something on it.  

So the next scene, we were back there, at night, and neither one of us knew how to do graffiti murals, it turned out.  So we just painted some crappy little tags, that were clearly someone's first time attempt.  I think we actually just painted our real names, as well.  But for whatever reason, we were hella proud of ourselves.  We were walking away, congratulating ourselves when we noticed that one of the statues had a missing head.  We were pretty stoked about such a great act of vandalism, and were trying to check it out in the dark, when we noticed the head laying on the ground.  As we got closer, it was still tough to see in the dark, but we noticed it was hollow with something wet inside.  

Suddenly all the lights came on, and we could see that there was a real person's severed head stuffed inside the statue head, and all kinds of blood all over, and guys strewn up in the trees, like a serious mass murder bloodbath.  Reporters and police came boiling out like fire ants.  The killer had set up a bunch of props and cameras all over, and live streamed the entire thing, so we were not suspects, they knew we didn't do it, but we had to answer a lot of questions and then we got to assist in solving the case, which was going to be pretty rad,
but then I woke up.

After I fell back asleep, I had another dream that I was walking through a really sketchy neighborhood with a group of people that I was supposed to know.  We were trying to get to a house / building thing that we had been living / squatting in.  There was a really big trend in the neighborhood where everyone constantly threw rocks at one another non stop.  So it was really tough to get to where we were going uninjured, and then do whatever we needed to do and get out again.

We finally got there after a long stressful walk.  When we broke into the place, it was just filled with all kinds of junk and garbage and parts and whatever.  We had to sift through rooms and rooms of mess to try to find whatever we were supposed to take with us.  I found some strange Metro looking home made shotgun thing, and a bunch of random different sized ammo.  I was trying to load it all up and be ready to go.  Everyone else was coming up with whatever other weird crap.  The dream had a lot of details in how things looked, but not much narrative outside of this.

Glad this is a pay-day week.  Feels like it should be later than Wednesday though.  Gonna get my bills paid this week, and be 1 step closer to having a lighter burden.  Hopefully the rest of it goes in my favor, rather than extending this, and / or a worse version of it for a long time to come.

*crosses appendages*

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