Jun. 7th, 2017

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 I think that I had some kind of weird dream about a prison last night, but I can't remember any details.

I keep doing that thing where I wake up a while before my alarm goes off, and waste part of my sleeping time.

My absolutely no money having ass had to scrape up the funds to buy a gas can.  Until I can afford to fix the brake lights and windshield wipers on the car project, I can't drive it anywhere without risk of a ticket.  During this time, I am being vigilant about starting it up once a week, and letting it run enough to make sure that things stay in working order.  it would be really bad to just let it sit until I am back to having money.  But of course, over time, the gas does down.  It's getting low finally, and I don't want to risk driving it down to the nearest station, because a ticket would cost a lot more than a gas can.  Apparently, there's been some strange gas can laws passed since last time I needed one, and they're more expensive and complicated than they used to be.  I did some research, and went ahead and ordered a decent one, because I will need to use it on an ongoing basis until I am able to regularly drive the thing.

It'll take me a bit of scrimping and being careful to get back on track, but it had to be done.  It was the cheapest and safest choice to make, so that's how it is.

Nothing else to report on, I suppose.  In times like this I always think on how nice it would be to have any part of the chunk of money that my father owes me, and how helpful it would be towards getting things taken care of.  While I realize it will never happen, the daydream does come to mind occasionally.  I actually think that my chances of winning the lottery would be more realistic, however.  And obviously that would be much more money haha.  So as long as I am playing make believe, I might as well leave him out of the equation.

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