May. 11th, 2017

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Last night, I dreamed that my family was moving back into a house we lived in a long time ago.  It was falling apart, and some of the rooms were open to the outside.  As we all looked around to claim our rooms and get set up, we discovered that through a series of twists and turns, that the house was somehow connected to a shopping mall, and that at the shopping mall, it was somehow the mid 80s.  There was a lot of detail and various stuff in this one, but no real narrative outside of that.

Later, I assume a different dream, I was in a classroom, and we were being assigned book reports.  We were each given a slip of paper with 5 books to choose from on it.  Everyone else was getting slips with books I had either already read, or books I wanted to read, but mine just had some awful mess on it.  As I was standing in line for my paper, I was talking to a classmate about a huge bruise on my leg that I got from rollerskating somehow.  I was wearing really short shorts.

Also assuming this was a different dream:  I was in a parking lot and my self driving car was being a bastard.  There was a whole row of these various self driving cars, coming up to the sidewalk to wait for their people, the way Koi come to the edge of the pond and beg for food.  My car, however kept nipping in, then driving away, going somewhere else totally, and coming back with 1/2 eaten snacks inside it, or on the hood and roof.  I could not figure out where it was going, if it was driving other people, or if it was somehow stealing snacks.  It also kept pranking me by driving 3 feet away when I reached for the door handle.  Go figure I would have the juvenile, immature, thieving AI in my car :/

Nothing much to say otherwise.  Day in, day out.  Always more ideas and creativity than money and supplies.  Waiting forever.
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