May. 10th, 2017

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 Last night, I dreamed that I was waiting outside of a mall, in the parking lot, with a lot of my co-workers.  We were waiting for our rides to come pick us up, and take us home.  I waited around for everyone to get picked up, in a variety of strange vehicles, and when that finally happened, after assorted drama and confusion, I got on a but to take me home.

The bus stopped at a food place, it seemed pre-fab, like a McDonalds or something, and I went in there to eat.  I sat in there a while, chatting with some strangers about civil rights, and the struggles of changing entrenched systems.  After that I went back to the bus.  I think it was the same one, but who knows.  There were a pair of small children that I recognized from other bus rides.  They lived a stop or 2 past me.  For some reason, they were trying to get off at my stop instead.  I told them it was wrong, and the bus driver told them, but they wouldn't listen.  I told them that they were old enough to get home alone if they got off at the wrong place, so they were on their own.

They were this strange Hansel and Gretel pair.  I was walking up the road to my house, and they were kind of running around getting into anything they could find.  I ignored them and went about my business.  About 1/2 way to where I was going, I stopped at a big pile of junk off to the left, to take a nap.  There was all kinds of stuff all over, and a huge blanket sort of thrown in randomly.  I avoided a comfy chair, and curled up under the blanket, on the ground.

After a while, I could hear those crappy kids getting closer, and making noise and talking.  They were up to something, and I could tell from the way they talked and what they said that it was far from normal.  They were having some scheme to use the local people to help hide them from a bunch of rival monsters who were after them.  I just stayed under my blanket and pretended to be asleep.

After a while, they found me, and asked if I would walk them home because it was getting late and they were afraid.  I knew it was a trap, so I told them no and tried to ignore them.  The girl wanted to go, so they could hurry home before it was too late, but the boy doubled down on forcing me to help them.  I was not having it.  He just kept expecting me to give in and save them, and I dismissed him without budging.  Finally the girl tried to drag him away, and he quickly transformed into this hideous little ghoul with rubbery grey skin and big black eyes and claws and teeth, and he was fighting furiously to get at me.
 I woke up snarling and fighting the air.

After I got back asleep from that fun experience, I dreamed that I was traveling with my family in a weird van, in some unknown region, both to and from unknown destinations.  We stopped at this really cool hole in the wall Mexican Restaurant and I was really excited about the menu.  I was trying to order all the things, but the waitress wouldn't really listen.  She just kept on and on and on apologizing that they did not have USB plugs or cords, and we would be unable to charge our devices.  We kept trying to explain that we were not there for that, we wanted to order food, but she wouldn't take our orders or listen, she just kept on about the USB stuff.

From there, the next thing I remember is being in a messed up wrecked kitchen sort of area, with a really weird refrigerator.  Something had happened, and if the T-Rex eggs thawed out all the way, they might hatch, and then it would be a serious issue, and we had to find a way to stop it.  The whole time, someone kept telling me that my help was not wanted.
 That's about all I have on that one too...

Waiting and waiting and waiting.

I've gotten old, waiting.
And that's about all I've gotten.

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