May. 8th, 2017

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I never end up making notes of my dreams on Friday or Saturday nights, so they often get lost before I am writing here on Monday.   I know that I had some, but I do not have the details any longer.

Last night, however, I dreamed that I was working on making some new costume, and while I was doing it, my cousin came over to remove a bunch of junk and stuff that he had left in the garage.  He was actually civil and well spoken for a change, so obviously nothing like real like.  After he moved all his mess, I went out to the garage, and found a red car that had been completely buried by his stuff, and I had forgotten about it.  Upon seeing it, I remembered that I had been storing it for a friend, for many years.  I got in touch with my friend to ask if he still wanted it, and he said that I could do whatever I liked with it.  So I immediately started making plans to turn it into something really cool.

While I was thinking of ideas for both the costume I was making, and the car I had just found, I decided to go for a walk around the property.  Apparently the house that I had bought was on a larger property, which also contained an old run down abandoned school.  I was walking around that, and when I came back in a circle to the road that the house was facing, I discovered an old school bus in front of the school.  Somehow I owned the property and the school, but not the bus.  I went to look at it, and (somehow) I knew it was a 1971 International.  As I was looking at it, a little old lady came along.  She said that she had been coming here every week since the school closed in the 70s to start the bus and make sure it ran.  She owned it, but she wasn't ever going to do anything with it, so I was talking to her about buying it for 100 dollars.  It was gloriously run down and post-apocalyptic looking, but the engine seemed strong.  IDKWTF I would do with a school bus, y'all, but it was somehow an exciting dream.

After all that was going on, the dream shifted a bit, and I left the house, walking with my mom and step-dad.  We walked up a road, through a residential area.  I think we were walking from my house to their house, or something, but I am not sure.  After a few blocks, we saw my brother's car parked on the street, in front of some house.  I assume he lived there, because it was not unusual that we saw it.  For some reason, in the middle of the street, near his car, in a quiet suburban neighborhood, there was a big chicken, just hanging out.  My brother loves chickens so we wanted to get a picture of it standing near his car.  I was trying to get the perfect shot, and come cops rolled by giving me the stink eye, but they didn't stop.

We kept walking from there, and I was telling my step-dad about some documentaries that he should watch that could teach you to see the secret world all around us.  It was how people manages to see ghosts and bigfoot and stuff.  He was not believing me, so I was showing him something about it on youtube with my phone.  As I was doing this, I saw a man on a horse ride slowly across the road, into the trees, then turn and stand silently on a slight rise over the road.  He was using some sort of optical camouflage to make himself mostly invisible, but I had learned to be able to see him anyhow, from the documentaries.  I told my step-dad and he was still not believing it, so I went up to the guy and the horse, and grabbed them, and pulled them into the roadside.  

They toppled down, and became visible.  The guy was an old timey knight.  I guess the horse was too.  They traveled through time with an important mission.  Me pulling them, and the fall was going to make them die because they were like thousands of years old or something.  I felt bad, but I also felt like "well fuck you, that's what you get".  He was giving me the mission and we were all listening and there was also a single mom there with two little kids, and somehow I was all of the people who were there, at the same time, and seeing it all from everyone's point of view, and as I tried to figure that out,
I woke up.

Friday, after I posted, I had really filthy glasses, so I took them off to clean them.  After I got them mostly clean, there was still a big smudge on the left lens.  Try as I might, it just wouldn't come off.  After a bit of that nonsense, I looked very closely, and figured out that it was not a smudge, but instead, the protective coating layer (or whatever) on the glass has actually peeled up in a spot.  Of course the spot is right in the middle of where my left eye has the audacity to want to see things, and it looks like when you have a drop of dirty water or something dry on your lens, and it's there ALL THE TIME.  Of course this HAS to happen right when I am on Ramen Budget with no hope of getting them replaced for 10 more months.

It is really irritating.  I wonder if it's something I can get used to.  Probably not.  

Nothing going on In Other News.  Everything is the same.

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