May. 4th, 2017

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Last night, I dreamed that I was riding in a car with a couple of friends, and a guy I didn't know.  He was one of their friends, but I had never met him before.  I had to operate the car from the back seat, but I could only reach the steering wheel, and not the pedals.  Some one else was working them, and we were trying to coordinate our efforts to get down the road.

It was going decently, I suppose.  Not good, but also not exactly like we were going to die at any second.  We came up to a tunnel that we had to drive through, so we were carefully going through there.  Out of a side branch of the tunnel, a lot of children started sliding into our lane, and sliding along.  Exactly as if it were a huge slide, rather than a road.  They were all merging with us, before, after, and even sort of under the car.  It was really tense and scary, and we were trying hard to not run over them, but wtf were they doing there to start with?

We pulled over somehow, and went up from the tunnel into what appeared to be a combination hotel / shopping mall (weird, I dreamed about one of those recently, too, but this was a different one).  There were tons of kids in there, like it was a school or a huge field trip or something.  I don't remember what all happened in there
, but it was a big part of the dream.  The details have faded.

At some point after that, I dreamed about robots.  a whole society of huge robots that could reorganize themselves into other things.  I guess kind of like 'transformers', but really aesthetically different somehow.  I wish i could remember more of this one because it had super crazy detail, but all I really remember is that it was like some kind of 1940s crime thriller, where a girl robot had done me wrong, and I was down and out and had criminal intrigues with other robots.  I wish I could make shit like this up.  Sometimes I wonder if maybe I have brain problems.

In other news:  No other news.  Just waiting.  No idea when / what is next.  Still hoping for the best.

Other, Other news:  Also no changes.  Ripples beneath the surface, and I'm waiting for sharks.

Outside of that, I am so sick of my geography.  I want to move away from here.  I just don't know if it will ever be a possibility, from a financial standpoint.  I swear though, if I won the lottery, I would be out if here before the dust could settle.  I have been feeling this way, increasingly, for a long time now, and the impending heat of summer is not making it easier to deal with.

Fly me to the moon.

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