May. 2nd, 2017


May. 2nd, 2017 07:16 am
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 I have one tiny fragment of a dream last night, but I know there was a full load that I lost all of...

I remember being a girl, and trying to eat breakfast, and something was going seriously wrong in my life.

But that is all I can recall.

It's funny, how much of the time these things spin from where they were originally, and turn into journal entries...
I guess it shows you where I am most capable of investing my open / honest points.

I have exactly enough money in my monthly bills budget to eat basically nothing but ramen for the next 10 months, and try to save up money for oil changes, tooth paste and deodorant, all the while praying that I don't end up needing new tires or a Dr visit, or have to pay anything else to the chiropractor.  At this point, that's a best case scenario.  The worst case scenario is... well... a lot worse. lol

I have been looking at second jobs, but it's really tough when you already work full time, and the traffic in your city takes an hour or two to get anywhere.  Maybe I should start holding up a sign as intersections.  Not sure what the pay will end up being around here, but at least the hours are up to my choosing.  Sadly, that's not quite as much of a joke, as I wish it was.

It always feels like everything is Waiting To Start, Forever.

I saw an article yesterday that basically said "It takes a minimum of 20 years of nothing going wrong to be able to climb out of poverty".  Sometimes even that seems like a generous measure.

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