Apr. 25th, 2017

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Last night, I dreamed that I lived in some strange sort of... art bunker or something.  It was a ramshackle, falling apart hand made mess of a place, and it was just packed with a ton of people, and we all worked pretty much non-stop on various art things.  I painted figurines.  It was definitely a 'job' type situation and not a hobby.  I guess it was almost weird sweatshop conditions or something.  The dream was mostly about the work, and the room I lived in, and talking to other people there.  The whole thing had a feel of being trapped there.  Very odd.

In other news:
Every time one aspect of life seems like it just *might* have a chance to get a little bit better, some other aspect starts to totally shit the fucking bed.  Is there some reason that I am not allowed to have mental, emotional AND financial stability at the same time?  Why does at least ONE of those things always have to be fucking up.  It's absurd.  I don't think I have ever managed to have all 3 at once.  

Really feeling so done with it all right now.

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