Apr. 19th, 2017

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 Last night, I dreamed that I was driving somewhere, and decided to stop by a grocery store.  This is the same store that has been in my dream world several times now.  I went to pick up some things for my GF who was ill.  I got some comfort food and snacks and such, and I was looking at getting a card and some flowers or something when I found myself in an isle with a ton of really strange, oddly shaped plush things.  I couldn't make much sense of what they were supposed to be.  Weirs things like a cross between a bear and a mushroom, but sort of shaped like a slug, and with no face.  And there were hundreds of different weird styles and color variations.

I grew overwhelmed with so many things to look at, and the prices were insane.  I remember the weird bear/slug/mushroom guy (in pastel brown and green) was 70 bucks.  I left that isle, and noticed an area in the back corner that had some Halloween looking sort of stuff.  I was looking through a huge selection of Nightmare Before Christmas pajamas, when I noticed that the shelf kept sort of going, beyond the wall, like through a crack.  

Some wall panels to my right kind of slid back on tracks, several layers deep.  I pushed some back, to make room for me, and kept looking at things.  All of the items here were like these odd hand made things.  I was particularly looking at some talisman style necklace things.  A guy was sitting in the dark, behind me, behind the panels, in a sort of opening, before a door went back into (presumably) a stock room area.  He said that I had discovered their hand made section, and that all kinds of things could be found there.  I palmed a couple of the talismans with an intent to steal them when I was unsupervised.

I kept following the shelves to the right, and eventually there was a sort of opening where a door had been removed, and it went to what looked like a store room in an old abandoned barn.  Lots of really old junk in there, dusty, in terrible shape.  Also, a big dead deer was in there.  I walked into the room, so move away from the talking guy, and saw another door leading out of that one.  I followed that down a short hallway, and came out in an amazing antique book store.

it was packed floor to ceiling with tons of books, and pretty much what heaven would look like.  There was a strange man behind a high counter who stood up, as if from nowhere, to welcome me.  He said that not many people are able to find the place.  I spent a bit of time looking around, and eventually found another sort of passageway that lead to a really huge modern book store, but this one was bright, corporate, and filled with people.  But still, a book store.  I wandered around there, but it was more uncomfortable, because of all the people

It was eventually uncomfortable enough that I woke up.
I was awake enough, and the dream was vivid enough, but I was worried that I might lose the thread, so I wrote down a few keywords to help trigger the memory.  I do this sometimes if the circumstances are right, and I am able to.

Went back to sleep, and I dreamed that I was going on a fishing trip (of all things) with some friends.  The setting seemed kind of post apocalyptic / D&D or something.  We were walking through a messed up looking town, but for some reason we were taking different paths, and got separated.  Like repeatedly.  Eventually some of us congregated at a bus stop (not everyone made it), and got on a bus.  The others were still on the way, and we weren't really worried about them.  The bus had a layover at a weird bar / cantina / waystation place that seemed like it came right out of the End Times.  

As we waited, and were about to board the bus, we kept hearing about some kind of Adventure Hole right by the area.  Apparently it was a hole you could go in and have adventures, and get treasure or whatever.  Some people wanted to go fishing, some wanted to go to the Adventure Hole, and some still hadn't shown up yet.  I got on the bus to go fishing, but then the bus crashed into a wall right by the Adventure Hole, so I got off the bus to do that, instead.  That's about all I remember of the plot.  Most of the detail was in the environment and setting.


Very calm and uneventful night last night.  Full on Adult Mode.  Doesn't seem like it was even that hard for her, so I don't know why it isn't the default.  Maybe it can and will be.  Not much left to explore if it's not.

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