Apr. 13th, 2017

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Last night, I dreamed that I had to go on a sudden unexpected road trip with some people. It was some sort of emergency situation, and there were no other cars on the road, and I didn't see any other people anywhere. I remember riding in the car, and lamenting all the things that I didn't have time to pack. We stopped somewhere, it was like a hotel or an apartment or something, but I don't remember there being any electricity, and it seems like maybe it was all trashed and ransacked.

I know that this one had a lot more details, but this is about all I am remembering from it.

The next dream, also had an empty sort of apocalyptic feel. I was in a sort of gully, that used to be a big river, but was only a trickle by now. Garbage and waste, etc. I knew that I was supposed to be somewhere else, and I was breaking the rules, and avoiding it.

As I slowly wandered back towards where I knew the city was, I saw someone else down in the gully. I recognized that it was a classmate, and knew that we were both avoiding school. Seeing her was kind of bitter-sweet. I remembered (in the dream) that we had been best of friends in elementary school, etc, and then grown distant when we got older, for whatever reasons.

I made my way over to talk to her. We were both awkward, but started talking about the past. I think we both wanted to be friends again. Suddenly there were sirens going off all over the place, and the entire city was on lockdown. This sort of thing was relatively common. She said we should look for a place to hide. I said that she safest place was the school. She said we were too far away to get there in time.

I crouched down and told her to get on, piggy-back. She was hesitant, first because it was kinda silly, and second, because she was wearing a skirt. I told her to trust me for old time's sake, and she did. I stood up with her on my back and said that I had to apologize, because I had never done this before. It took a lot of effort and concentration, but I flew into the air with her on my back, and carefully flew towards the school. I told her that I would get her to safety, then go back out and fight the invaders. She asked if I was the one in the mask who had been fighting them, and I said yes. She said that she understood why we had grown apart, because she understood that I had been trying to keep it secret. She said that we could be friends again, and she would keep my identity secret.

I thanked her, and as we flew to the school. As we flew over the town, we had to avoid some tear shaped vessels dropping from the sky. Where they landed, doors opened, and several vaguely reptilian humanoids emerged. I got her to safety, we shared a smile, and I flew back out,
and woke up.

In the third dream chunk I remember, it started with me being in the very middle of doing something or the other, in a public place, and I reached up, and my hair was totally full of shampoo. I suddenly remembered that I had taken a bath, and somehow forgotten to wash it out. I was embarrassed and horrified, and went into a bathroom. Everything in the bathroom was like more filthy than an Orc truck stop. I mean it was awful. The kind of awful filth that would make your skin crawl and your stomach heave. Filth, urine, feces, vomit. EVERYWHERE. I was lightly stepping around this place, trying to find an area clean enough, and some clean water, so I could try to wash the shampoo out of my hair.

There was more to this one, but I'm not sure that I even want to remember it.

Nothing else really going on, I suppose. I am feeling better enough (by comparison) that I am getting a bit restless with the taking it easy, and coddling my neck and spine every day. Tired of sitting and playing video games, but fighting myself to not go work on projects and over do it. It's a slow process, and it needs to heal right. Yesterday was harder than the day before. I guess it's going to take some self control to not over exert myself.

I suppose that's where my mind and my focus are for now.
Still wanting to get my health and well being backup. The other front has been uneventful thus far. Mostly. Feels like a tick tock waiting for a shoe to drop feeling though. Either I'll shake it over time, if it's unjustified, and / or it'll bear fruit. Time is the only way to know.

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