Apr. 7th, 2017

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(Originally meant to be posted on 4/6/17)
Last night, I dreamed that I arrived early for some kind of festival or gathering. The location was some strange hand made looking castle style hotel place. Only a few people were there already, and I knew them personally. Apparently, whatever this festival was, it was something that my (dream) friends were organizing,

I put my stuff in my room, and went down to a courtyard area, and was talking to a guy that I knew, who was one of the people in charge. As we talked, a shape appeared in the area with us. It's hard to describe. It was vaguely an orange color, but it was some sort of creature that you could not exactly see when you looked directly at it. Not in that 'Predator' optical camouflage way, but in a sort of... Geometry folded into space-time way. It looked like thin hazy geometric shapes, made of a light transparent mist, slowly collapsing into one another. Even when you looked straight at it, it somehow (inside your brain) seemed to be only at the edge of your vision. We didn't know what it was, and before we could figure anything out, it went to my friend, and swallowed him up. It covered him like a bubble, then slowly constricted down until it was tight on him, and eventually, inside of him. His eyes glowed the orangeish color of the creature briefly, before it was done. then he somehow re-build himself, and the creature was inside of him, driving the vehicle of himself, and he was no longer in there.

It was an evil thing, and more were on the way. I tried to tell the other people what was going on, but it was a weird combination between no one believing me, no one being able to hear me, me not being able to form words, and me not being able to find anyone to tell, but all at the same time, somehow. People began to show up to the event, and there was nothing I could do about the situation, no matter what I tried. Eventually, I just decided that I would get my stuff from my room and try to find some way to leave. That would be tough, because the area was isolated, and my departure plans were not scheduled until the end of the event. I went back to my room, and there was a sign on the door that said "Do Not Open: Whores".

Needless to say, this was very confusing, so if course, I opened the door anyhow, because it was my room, and my stuff was in there. Right there, on my bed, there was a man and a woman, both old enough to be grandparents, doing absolutely filthy things. I was shocked and disgusted (MY BED!!!).

The woman paused, and carefully explained that I had signed, as part of my rental agreement, that my room was to be exclusively for whore use for X amount of hours a day, and I had to leave and come back later.

I didn't know wtf to do, so I left. I sat around on a dock thing for a while, trying to figure out the entire situation, and eventually, some person that I used to know came along with like 4 little kids, and invited me to take to boat tour around the swamp, surrounding the castle place. For some reason, I agreed. I sat and looked over the side, at the murky shapes moving around the water

I know there was more to it than that, but that's all I remember enough to lay out.
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Last night, I dreamed that I had to go to the driver's license office. When I was finally done, and leaving, I ran into my exgf. She was leaving as well, so I offered to give her a ride. For some reason she had like 2 or 3 other people with her. I didn't know any of them, but I said I would give them a ride too, since they were all together.

For some reason the GPS didn't work in the car, so we ended up driving all over the place and having various misadventures. After a while, we ended up lost in a forest, and ran across a big medieval battle with knights and swords and everything.
That was a big involved thing, but I didn't retain any detail.

I don't know what it's going to take. Are we all just as bad? Do we ALL set ourselves up with every choice we make, and every action, then complain about it later, as though it is all something that some villain has inflicted on us, instead of the very straight forward and logical outcome of our own actions?

Do I do this too? Can I only see it so clearly with you, because I am outside looking in? Or is this actually just how things are for you? I do not understand actively (and negligently, but I guess you could at least claim that as 'accidental') working to destroy the things you claim to place value on, and then being upset that it is happening. Like if I go set fire to my books, how am I going to bitch about it with a straight face once they burn. For the life of me, I can not understand it.

But I think it is making me fucking crazy.

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