Apr. 5th, 2017

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Last night, I dreamed that I was at the mall, or some place similar, together with two women. It was a city that I was unfamiliar with, and we were trying to find things to do. It seems like maybe it was someone's birthday, or some sort of cause for celebration. We discussed where to go next, and finally decided to go to the zoo. When we were leaving this mall place, we got turned around, and couldn't remember where the car was. We finally found the general area, but it was floor upon floor of parking garage, and we didn't know which floor we were on, even though we knew which general area, and which way the car was facing.

As they began to go up flight after flight of stairs, looking, I decided to fly up the outside (it was a sort of enclosed area, but clear to the top), and look more swiftly. I woke up right after I found the car, and I was flying back down to let them know.

After I fell asleep, I went back to the same world, but we had decided to go to the movies instead of the zoo. The theater was a really old victorian opera house, and it was showing some really old black and white business. Dracula or something maybe. We couldn't sit together, so I ended up a couple of rows ahead. My neck started hurting (pain invades my dream :/ ) and I moved to sit on the floor. A motherly woman behind where I was sitting took my head and cradled it on her lap while the movie played.


Later, I had a dream that it was the future, and the world was going to hell. I had a group of people, and we had to fight these bad guys. We invented this device, which seemed more magical than mechanical. We could take a tire (on the wheel, just removed, like you were changing a flat), and strap a show to the middle of it. When you slipped your foot into the shoe, the tire would fly, and you could control it just by thinking about it, I guess.

The bad guys stole our plans, and started making them, and also started hording and destroying all the wheels/tires they could get. I had found some sort of small wheel, only a few inches across, and fixed it to the top of my shoe, so I could still glide and hover and stuff, but not the daredevil flight and speed needed to fight the evil team. I also discovered a way that we could use basically anything flattish and roundish to recreate the effect. I took some people from my team dumpster diving so that we could find big tuna cans to make new flight gear with. At one point, I was having a high speed air combat match with the leader of the bad guys, and we were knocking over buildings and stuff.

This one had a lot of detail, but I can't remember much more.

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