Apr. 3rd, 2017

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Nothing new. I haven't been doing anything but trying to rest and relax and take care of my neck. Sitting at work is just killing my neck and back, so basically when I am not here, or at the Dr, I am at home, reclining and doing the exercises and stuff that the Dr gave me. It's not so bad under those circumstances. It's really just the sitting in my work chair, (no head rest, no way to recline at all) that's been so tough on it.

The Dr is expecting that by the end of this week (after the next 3 appointments), that I should have more relief. I am really hoping so.

As stated, aside from that, nothing new, I don't guess. Although, I figure that the whole neck / pain thing is a bit consuming, so I am probably just not thinking about anything else to speak of.

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