Mar. 31st, 2017

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Still not dead.
In case you were wondering.

Last night, I remember 2 different dreams.

In one of them, I had this pet goldfish. Apparently, I loved him, because I took him everywhere with me. In a zip-loc bag, taped to my chest. Or in a glass, or Just in my hand, trying to not spill water. It was awful, and the poor thing was always almost gonna die, but then I would get him to water just in time. So, at some point, someone presented me with this new product, called Fish Wig. It was a sort of inflatable helmet, only instead of being 'inflatable' with air, you filled it with water, idk if there's a word for that. At any rate, once you filled it with water, you put it on your head, like a wig, or a helmet, and it had a sort of flap thing you could open to put your fish in. I was really excited about this, but I woke up as I was just about to close the flap once I got my fish inside of the thing.

For the other dream, I was living in a camper trailer or something, out at the old property. There were a lot of other people around, either camping, or living there, I'm not sure. It seemed almost like a gathering or a convention or something. I was trying to find some VHS tape of a movie which was about a samurai, surviving the apocalypse. I needed it to show to all these other people, but to regain my lost copy, I had to go on some sort of perilous quest. I was looking for supplies and a bicycle, but I woke up.

Aside from that, I missed 3 days of work because of this ridiculous neck pain. Spend the time with my head reclined, and going to the Dr daily. I have some exercises to do at home, and 3 more Dr apts next week. Hopefully it should be more tolerable soon.

The health of your bones and nervous system is no joke, apparently.

I guess I will just be laying around all weekend, hoping that I don't hurt. :/

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