Mar. 24th, 2017

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Last night, I had a dream that a friend of mine was working at the same office as me. She had come by my desk upset because her manager put her desk near the washing machine, and was giving her trouble because she was bringing a monkey to work. The monkey was her adopted son, and he was still a baby, and needed constant care. He was tiny and furry and cute. At my desk, I had a sort of small creature that was connected to me almost like a weird Muppet / marionette or something. It was a separate entity, but a permanent extension of myself at the same time. I had not been getting along with it.

We all (myself, and my creature, my friend and her monkey) all took a ride with a third party on our lunch break. I was concerned about not being back in time, and getting in trouble for being late.

That's all I remember of that one. It ended with us riding in the other person's car.

The next one started with me riding in a car, but was not related to that one. I was being driven by someone I didn't know, but it was just me in the car. The place we were going looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn't get any answers from the driver. We came to a house that also seemed familiar, and the driver put me out and left. As I walked up towards the door, I knew that I had been here as a child. I knocked and the door opened so I went inside.

As I got in there, I realized that I had been to this place repeatedly as a child. Some of my parent's good friends had lived here, and we had been quite close to them in my youth. As my mind was filling in all these gaps, and struggling to connect memories, and align this broken down worn place with what it had been many, many years ago, I heard movement from the back.

I cautiously went into the living room, and found our old family friend. In an award winning 'dreams are weird and make no sense moment', this guy was a big old man, much aged since my (fake / dream) youthful memories, but recognizable. He was big and round and hairy and old. He was supposed to be James Howe, the famous children's book author (whom I have absolutely no idea what the real guy looks like, and I'm not going to look it up, either).

I asked him if he remembered me, and he said of course, and we began talking. We talked about how our families used to spend so much time together, and how his daughter and myself were so close as kids. At the same time we were having these discussions, I was experiencing vivid "memories" of the events in the past. We talked about a lot of stuff, and finally, the conversation came around to his most famous book, 'Bunnicula'. The book, apparently had been secretly based on a true story, and at the end of a discussion/memories about the events back when I was a kid, I asked what had ever happened to the rabbit. He took me outside and told me to wait a moment.

On a trail, coming from the back of the house, a woman was approaching. As she got closer, I recognized her as the grown up version of his daughter from my childhood memories. I was excited to see her because we had been so close. She was walking slowly, and as she got close, I could see that she had a leash in her hand. On the ground, walking beside her, was Bunnicula. Unchanged in all these years. I looked at Mr Howe and said "so the rabbit really was a vampire, then?" "Oh yes", he replied.
And then I woke up.


Went back to the chiropractor yesterday. Now I am scheduled for 3 months of treatments. The xrays showed a problem with where my neck connects to my skull, another problem in the spine between my shoulder blades, and shows that standing straight, one of my collarbones, / shoulder areas sits about 1 inch higher than the other side. He says he can work it all out, it just takes time.

So now my entire savings (hoping to save and pay off some bills) is gone, and I am several hundred dollars in debt on top of that, but hey, at least I have this sketchy treatment paid for that may or may not accomplish anything. Everyone who has been to a chiropractor before swears by them, but this is new to me, and I am not well off enough to throw money around.

I am trying to tell myself that I made the right decision, and that it will be good 3 or 4 months from now when it's better, etc etc...

Depression is a real bastard though. So is poverty. So are other people.

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