Mar. 22nd, 2017

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Last night, I dreamed of a river. I feel like I've been there before in other dreams. That's the weird thing about having so many dreams in a static alternative world... you revisit places, and sometimes they become familiar. At this river, there were these huge fish type animals. They were sort of like a sucker fish, and sort of like one of those sailboat jellyfish things that stick half way up out of the water, and sort of like a lion fish. They were leopard print colored, and kind of floated half way out of the water, and moved along more slowly than the flow of the river, but did not appear to be swimming against the current.

There were these little kids with them, participating in something that seemed like a ceremony or a festival or something. The kids had these hand made basic / representational outfits / costumes, made to look like the fishes, and they were in the water, behind the fish, following them, but also doing a dance type thing. I think they were also singing or chanting or something, but I don't remember any of the words (assuming that I even spoke the language, I have no idea).

There was a good deal more to this, and I knew a lot more about it at the time, but this is really all that I have taken away from it when I came back here, to the crappy world.

The next dream had 2 parts, and I woke up in the middle somewhere. The details are fuzzy, but I will try to write what I can remember.

I'm not really sure of the setting for this one. It seemed sort of like a store, and sort of like a spaceship. Maybe it was just a store from the future, and my primitive perceptions made it seem like a spaceship? It was bright and clean inside, and there seemed to be a lot of things, which is probably why it seemed like a store to me. At the start of the first dream, there were a lot of people in there, and it seems like there was some sort of friction. On one side was myself, and one other(I don't know how to quantify this person, I guess she was my 'guardian' but not like in a parental way, like in a super hero way, I guess?). The opposing side was a group of people or animals or aliens or... things of some variety. I'm not sure what the issue was about, as it didn't directly involve me, I don't think. The place we were in belonged to my Guardian, and this crowd was having some issue. that's another reason it felt like a store, I think, because the issue seemed somehow business related.

There was a good bit to this part, and this is where the details are most lacking, I remember things happening, and it being resolved to the favor of my Guardian, and it being a whole big deal
, but I remember practically nothing about it, besides those fleeting images.

The next part, after I fell back into the dream, picked up some time later.
It was late, almost time for sleeping. We were still in the big bright white place, but a different area, and several others were there, but this was not a business situation, this was social. In the dream, I knew the other people. Or whatever they were. I have no specific recollection of them now though, I just know that they were very familiar, and in the dream, we were all totally at ease with one another.

At some point, I was out on a deck type area with my Guardian. The sky had more stars than I have ever seen before. I'm not sure if it was open air, or all enclosed in a big glass bubble, or what, because somehow, it still seemed a bit like a spaceship to me. It eventually grew very late, and everyone left, or fell asleep or something. I was kind of laying in a weird chair / couch sort of thing, with tall, solid arms. My Guardian came over and sort of layed on top of me, partly on me, and partly on the chair arms. It was kind of squishing me, but maybe not in a bad way. We fell asleep and I remember feeling like it was the most comfortable, deep, secure and safe sleep I have ever experienced.

Then, I guess I woke up, because here I am, in this place, and everything sucks, forever, until I finally die.
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If I wasn't such a goddamned coward, I would get this over with.

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