Mar. 20th, 2017

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Last night, I had a dream in several parts. As near as I can tell, it was all the same world and persons. I just woke up in the midst, and tuned in to several different periods, which may have been unrelated to one another in any way that I can understand.

First, I was in this desolate sort of long, narrow house place. It was post apocalyptic and a real mess. Junk and trash, cobbled together to form a dwelling, where even as horrible as it was, I had the feeling that it was better than a lot of places. I lived there with other people, and we lived quiet and secret like mice. Sometimes the place seemed to flood or something, or compact and squish, to have to be cleaned out again. I'm not sure how it worked. I was running through the length of it, and it seemed that we were under attack by someone or something.

I made it to the far end, which was a sort of open area, several stories high. All the people who lived there seemed to have some various sort of powers with which to defend ourselves and our area. As I made it into this open room, with no walls, way up in the air, there was a huge guy in there. He had a long metal tube / pipe thing, and a pile of nuts and bolts. He would slip a nut or bolt into the pipe, and then raise it to his mouth and aim. Like a giant blow-dart gun, he would blow and shoot the small metal ammo out. He was aiming at enemies that were like ridiculous far away, and completely destroying them with every shot. There was another guy in there, fist fighting a robot or something, as well. Several others and myself were told to run, so we went back the way we had come, but the halls were filling with debris and compacting. I jumped and turned into a sort of incorporeal cat that could pass through the walls like a ghost, but I couldn't do it for very long.

There was a break here where I woke up.

When it picked up again, I was in the same place, but time had passed. Things were more calm. There were no attacks, and the majority of the damage had been repaired. Only a few people lived here at this point. The open area of the previous battle was totally destroyed, and I lived at the edge of where the destruction was. I lived under the rule of some boss / father type person that wouldn't let any of us go outside. I had a secret hole in the ceiling of the rubble I called a room, and slipping through that, I went up into a crawlspace, and from there, up through another door, to a roof / landing type area. The overseer guy didn't know about this. Several of us would meet here, in order to be outside and left alone.

As we met here, someone was missing, and we thought that they had run away, and might be in trouble, and we needed to look for them. I was going to search, and everyone else was going to cover for me. But there were some bullies from the overseer's faction that were going to make it difficult somehow. I flew up into the sky, and flew towards the agreed upon direction. I flew past all sorts of landscapes in my search, landing often to look around. I think at some point i was being followed.

I woke up from this one around this point.

In a third sequence, I was waiting in a empty bombed out looking room, looking out of huge open windows, over a swampy park type ground, where people walked, and guards patrolled. In the room to my right, there was a large, important meeting going on. Like a congress / parliament / council type thing. Whatever they were talking about had to do with my fate. I'm not sure if they were deciding a punishment, choosing a mission or what, I had the impression of all sorts of things. I could not hear them very well from where I was, because the door was blocked and guarded. My best bet was listening out the window, to try to hear voices from their neighboring window. I was unguarded and not supervised, so I could move around the room freely.

As I stood near the window, and listened, it started to rain outside. The people walking the paths, as well as the guards patrolling all ran to stay out of the rain. I thought it created a beautiful scene. The lush green rain forest looking foliage, and the swampy plant filled pond, rippling with the raindrops. I could not hear the voices from the meeting next door anymore because of the rain, so I moved closer to the window. Then I realized that I didn't even have to stand there and wait for them. I just stepped out the window, and hovered above the pond. I moved near the window of the meeting room and listened in on their nonsense directly. I figured that if I didn't like whatever they had to say, I would just fly away.

I don't remember anything else from that one before waking up.

The final thing that I remember, after falling back asleep, is being in a different part of the same world, waiting on a platform for a sort of train / subway / elevator thing. It was somehow all of those at once. It was brand new, and kind of a big deal they they got it up and running in the crappy apocalypse or whatever. I was all alone, except for the staff of the facility. The platform arrived, and it was a sort of flat seatless thing on a track. I walked out onto it and sat down on the floor of it. Soon, a very pregnant woman came along and sat down, then with great pomp and to-do, these two very fancy uniformed official guys arrived and also got on the cart. After it began moving, we all began to talk, and they discussed how nice it was to have electricity again, and how much things were improving. The woman was saying that she would be able to raise her child in a world with lights and power, and she was going to make sure that the kid grew up playing all the classic video games. The uniformed men were very happy.

The cart we were on, kept sort of leaving me behind, because I could fly. Where everyone else just stuck to it, as it would go up and down, i would kinda stay 'up' when it dropped from under me, and I would have to move towards it to sit again. After a bit, and a couple of big drops, I got left behind a bit. In the tunnels it was moving through, some sort of fuzzy stuff would kind of close in behind the flat car after it passed. I got a little too far behind, and the fuzzy stuff was closing in around me. I changed back into something similar to that cat from the first sequence, but instead of being able to go through things, I was just incredibly aerodynamic, and had some crazy good running shoes on my hind feet. This was apparently the best way to get through the fuzzy stuff. As I was zooming through the tunneles to catch back up to the platform
, I woke up.


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