Mar. 15th, 2017

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I remember that I had 3 separate dreams last night.
The first one was the most brief. It was about a sort of mild fender bender traffic accident. Not much more to it than that, I don't guess.

The second one was about being at the old property, with a lot of extended family, and a completely different life. The normal every day aspects of that life were turned upside down by some new, intense romantic situation. I was being aggressively adored and pursued by a girl. She seems like I am supposed to have known her, but I am ultimately unsure of everything. This one had a lot of detail, and seems rather long, but I only took a small amount away from it.

The third one is gone completely. I remembered it when I first woke up, but by the time I had brushed my teeth, it was gone. I know it was the most intense, longest, most detailed one of the night, but poof, gone.

The stupid neck / back / shoulder / whatever pain seems to be getting worse, not better. I guess I am going to have to see a Dr after all, like it or not. I have no idea when I will be able to schedule that, and follow through with it. This week is spring break and SXSW in ATX, so we have an embargo against missing work (write-up offense) until 3/21. I'm sort of strapped on my options. I have signed up for volunteer early release today (if we end up being less busy than expected, they will let some of us go sometimes), but I doubt that it'll happen, since a lot of people are already off for the fore mentioned reasons. If by some chance, I do get out early, maybe I will hit up that chiropractor, and get some info, and make an apt for tomorrow after work, or whenever they can fit me in. Fuck if I know. I am terrible at figuring shit like this out. It is so far into the territory of my anxiety, that it's really tough to decide which is worse. At least the anxiety passes. I am worrying that this physical pain won't pass on it's own.

What a fucking shit show.

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