Mar. 10th, 2017

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Seems to be almost a recurring theme this week. I guess maybe my subconscious isn't acting too sub right now. Last night, I again, dreamed of looking for a home. I was living in a not very nice place, with my wife (I don't know her IRL, she was very pretty, brown hair, seemed to actually like me, which is remarkable for anyone with an interest in dating me). There were other people who lived there. Single people, couples, whatever. The whole place was a ramshackle mess, pretty awful in every way. Basically a punk rock squat, for all purposes.

We had just gotten news that we had been approved for our own place. I didn't see the actual place in the dream, but I knew that I had seen it recently, and we were both very excited.
We would be moving into our own home in a few days. We just had to wait until everything was settled. We went to bed that night, which consisted of a pile of blankets in a corner by a wall. My wife was on the wall side, and I was facing her, my back to the room.

Other people came in during the night, to their own shitty blanket piles. I remember a really huge, rough looking guy. We knew him, and he was nice. Just kinda scary looking. I remember that he worked as hired muscle, down at the flea market (WTF, IDK). He was happy for us. Even though we had nothing, we had one another, and things were about to get better.

I don't remember much else before waking up. I will miss my wife. I wish I knew her name lol.
At least this one was more along the lines of 'just a dream' and not a completely gutting mind-fuck reality re-write though, so it's ok.

Nothing much else to report on. Today is basically the same as yesterday, aside from it being Friday.
I just want to go home and wrap myself in darkness and sleep and vegetable until everything goes away.

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