Mar. 9th, 2017

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Last night, I had a sprawling dream where I was looking at houses to buy. In the course of the dream I looked at several, in full detail, with different things going on, but I only really remember one location clearly enough to say anything. All the houses were for sale by the same company. Their sign looked like Halloween. I don't know if it was just like The Halloween Realty Company, or if the houses were supposed to be haunted, or what. There was also a sort of interface, where you selected a house, and you were instantly transported there in person to look at it. My whole family was traveling with me to look at them.

The one that I remember needed some work. Nothing too bad, or totally falling apart, but it was... "affordable", as they say. It didn't seem super large, but it was promising. After looking at the bedrooms, the living / kitchen area, a 2 car garage (with a bit of room for a workbench as well) etc, there was a hallway that went behind the kitchen, which appeared to go to a laundry area.

Following the hallways back, rather than a laundry area and a back door, it lead to basically an entire new floor plan. Bedrooms, another kitchen, living areas, and another, even larger garage. The place was two houses in one, and about half the price of most regular houses.

We went out the back, and there was some yard area, and a river not too far behind the house. In the dream, it had been raining and flooding for weeks and weeks, so the river was overflowing. We were walking around looking at the water and the grounds, when I discovered a fossil embedded in the ground. It wasn't super big, but it showed a perfectly preserved rabbit. I went to dig it out of the soft flooded earth with my hands, and found that the rock of the fossil had become wet and soft like a noodle, or a pancake or something. I had to remove it very carefully so it didn't get torn.

I eventually got it back to the house, and I was going to put it in the oven to dry it out, and make it hard again. Opening all the cabinets and cupboards looking for a pan to put it on, I was finding endless little teacups, filled with small candies and chocolates. I had the oven preheating (there were several in the house, I was using the one closest to the back door), but every time I found a pan, it had something awful on it. Mostly they seemed to have melted vinyl and cheap stretchy fabric melted onto them, where someone had tried to bake a lot of cheap Halloween costumes.

I woke up before I got my fossil baked.

Don't really have anything else going on to mention. Still in pain from this neck/back/shoulder thing. Hoping it passes soon, but there's not a lot I can do about it, I don't think. Maybe I will try a soak in a hot bath (in my tiny tub lol) this evening, and see if that helps any.

Aside from that, just working, looking forward to the next paycheck, so I can pay bills and keep my mediocrity afloat for another carefully measured period of time.

The American Dream, amirite?

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