Mar. 3rd, 2017

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Last night I dreamed that I was in a huge book store. I had a giant ancient bible, written in English and Gaeilge, I was trying to chase down a clerk in the store, and read aloud the book of genesis as Gaeilge, and she was not having it.

That's about all I remember of it.

I guess this is all my brain's way of remind me that I have been lax in my language lessons lately.
Gotta get back on that.

Got in a flywheel cover for the project. Of course, it doesn't fit correctly. But I didn't expect it to. apparently the 700R transmission came in several configurations, and you can only get covers for the 'car' version. I have a mid 80's truck frame, with a larger engine than most, so the sizing, proportions, and bolt pattern are off. It's nothing that I can't make fit with a little bit of creativity. I will hammer it into shape, and then force the corner bolts to match, and maybe drill a couple of holes for the mid bolts if need be.

One tiny step at a time, until everything is paid off, then it'll be Tool Explosion and getting it done in a hurry.

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