Feb. 28th, 2017

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I had several dreams last night, but I only came back to The Real with one of them intact enough to quantify. I was living in some place that was largely empty. It was kind of like a squat, but slightly more safe and nice than most. An empty room, with one small plug-in light on floor level, and some blankets to bed down in.

Three other people were there with me. I was very tired and sleepy, and trying to arrange my blanket so I could sleep. One of the girls put her blanket beside mine. She was tall and had curly yellow hair. She was kind of Tetris'd in at an angle, but this seemed normal for how things were done. Before long, another one came along, and arranged her blanket, also Tetris'd with the others. I have no memory of what she looked like. All this going on kept waking me up and I didn't like that.

After another period of time, the third and final one came along. She was shorter, and had straight dark hair. A couple of them got to whispering and I was sort of in a half sleep, but eventually they woke me up, and told me that I had to go and buy popcorn for one of them. The one with the dark straight hair was very insistent about this, but the popcorn was not for her. Maybe for the blond? I'm not sure.

I got up and got dressed and went out. Outside, the environment was sort of like... I don't know, I guess sort of like pictures that I have seen of Venice. Everything was waterways, with sidewalks and foot bridges. The places (shops, buildings, whatever) were all right there, coming out of the water. Nothing I would really call a 'road' anywhere. There were a lot of street vendors, and tons of people all over. Thick crowds. I don't know if I have ever had a dream that had so many people in it. All kinds of people, too.

I navigated the crowds, and made it to a street vendor with a pushcart who was selling popcorn. It was late at night, even though the whole area was well light and busy. I guess he was towards the end of his day / sales cycle, because he only had a bit left, compared to the massive amount of fresh popcorn he seemed to usually have. I ordered a large one, which ended up being nearly 18 dollars.

While all this was going on, some sketchy guys started hanging around being suspicious. The popcorn guy said that he would give me my popcorn for free if I stayed until they left. I didn't have much money, so I agreed (JFC, I am poor even in my dreams :( lol). I stayed right near the cart, waiting, and kind of pacing around. I looked into the water, and it was filled with strange animals. All kinds of weird fishes and eels and nudibranchs and lord knows what else. I watched a turtle who had a jack-o-lantern for a head swim around and adorably bite things.

After a bit, it seemed like the guys were not going to leave, so I stood a little closer to them, between them and the cart. They started trying to bully the popcorn guy, as well as myself. Just short of outright robbing him, but obviously trying to intimidate us. I could never suffer a bully, so I just kept making the situation more and more loud, until the crowd started to take heed. The guys got more and more nervous, and eventually ran away. That's
about when I broke up. Hopefully those weird Brides of Dracula are not too mad about not getting popcorn.

After work yesterday, I just disengaged from life as much as possible. I went home, petted the cat, ate leftovers, and then just stayed in my room until time to go to work this morning. I guess it helped some. I don't feel AS bad about life today, but I also don't feel a whole lot better, either.

I guess there's nothing to be done for it though.

Fooling around and buying a couple of things that I really shouldn't have, plus the surprise trip to Houston on Sunday has my financial situation a lot worse than it was. I need to get more willpower when it comes to not buying stuff ahead of time. I still have money in savings, but not as much as I did. Gonna try to get it built back up asap. It will be better after I get paid on Friday, and then, by the end of April, or the start of May, it should be fully back on track. And hey, at least I did get a few things that I need, etc. That's the point of having a savings, I guess. For emergencies, and the occasional other stuff. Just need to be sure I stay right with it.

I have to get the maintenance done on my car really soon, so that's going to cost however much :/
Not sure when I will have time to do it.

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