Feb. 24th, 2017

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Towards the end of sleeping, I dreamed last night. It was a sort of wandering affair that went all over. I was at work, and someone who I was supposed to know (not sure if a co-worker, or someone outside of work) was trying to convince me to switch jobs.

They had started work at some crazy place that paid you to write just any old thing. They were making a lot of money, but it seemed sketchy, and short term to me, so I didn't want to ditch my ongoing, more secure situation for it. During all this, someone else kept bothering me for an old t-shirt for some crafting project they were working on. This was also part of some sketchy new job making a lot of money doing nothing. I finally got up and walked over to a closet to look for a shirt.

None of my clothes were in the closet, even though they were supposed to be. It was just a few items that I haven't worn in years, and a bunch of bright, mainstream tween girl clothes. While looking through this mess, I remembered that I had moved recently, and my stuff was in a different closet.

I went to the other place (instantly), and I was in an apartment complex with my brother and his room mate. As usual, they were both playing video games and not really involved in reality. I went past the first room, through the living room, then past another room, and on to my area. I opened a door, and went through a regular apartment sized bedroom (mostly empty), past a bathroom, and then opened my closet.

Inside the closet was a lot of my stuff, so I started looking through it for an old t-shirt. After a few moments of sliding things back and forth on the hangers, I noticed that behind the closet bar, and clothes, that instead of a wall (you know, how closets usually work), there was a large open space. I ducked under the clothes, and shuffled past them, to cope out to another bedroom size area. My bed was here, and a lot of my stuff. Then I remembered that my closet had been so big, that I decided to put my bed in here. I looked to the right, and saw a door which opened to a small balcony (we were on the 2nd floor).

I stepped out there to see the view, and looked to the left and saw a beautiful and totally unused swimming pool. I hadn't known it was back there, because there was one at the front of the apartment property, and this was the back, facing a forest. That was exciting, because I won't use pools, due to other people being here, but if no one knew about this one, it could be my own private pool. I turned to go back in to the house, and noticed that there was a doorbell by the door.

This was weird, because who the hell has visitors coming in through a door on a 2nd story balcony at the back of an apartment, facing the woods? I turned, and looked around, wondering if my balcony somehow connected to the neighbors. I noticed that it wrapped around a bit, and there was a walkway, so I went to look. That area lead into another whole wing with another living room, a full kitchen and dining area. I was a bit confused, and looking around, when three guys walked in. They had come the same way that I had, through my closet / bedroom.

In the dream, I knew them, and they were my friends, but they are not people from The Real. Two of them were brothers I think, but I don't know if the third fellow was related or not. They were talking about how awesome the 'back half' of my apartment was, and how great it was, that it was all mine. I asked them if my brother and his room-mate (I guess my room-mate at this point too?) knew about all this, and they said yes, that he didn't want to mess with the 'back half', because he liked the front. Granted, this part was kinda run down and post-apocalyptic, compared to the front part, but like... in a good way. It was sound and made well, fully functional, just not nice and new. It had a sort of Victorian, but spartan faded grandeur to it that I liked. We went through this area, and came out back to another, larger balcony, complete with chairs and tables and everything.

Here, there was either some stairs, or a ladder (or both? not sure) leading down to another (third) swimming pool. This one was super fancy with waterfalls, and lounges and all kinds of things. This one was not open to just anyone, and there were very few people there. The ones who were there seemed to know us, but I only had any vague concept of who / why / anything relating to them. I sat with my dream friends, and we talked about the apartment, and the pools. About how this larger one with people wouldn't be too bad, but there was still that other one over by the woods that we could use without anyone around.

I really liked my dream friends. They were all cool guys.
Then I woke up, and here I am again with no friends LOL

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