Feb. 23rd, 2017

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Last night I dreamed of a lake house. It's been in my dreams before, but I don't think it has a specific link to any real place. I was there with some guy that I am supposed to know. I have dreamed of him before too, but I don't know him in The Real. In the dreams he is in, he is always someone that I knew a long time ago, and have not seen in many years, and I am becoming re-acquainted with him. This time we were at this house near a lake. There were a variety of other people there. Some that I was supposed to know, some that I was not, and even (at least) one who I knew, and really hated.

One of the people was a kid, swimming in the water, and playing on the deck. He had one weird thick fish fin growing off of his left ankle, and his entire right foot was a turtle shell. He had something going on with his hands, too... but I can't recall the details. As people were lounging and playing around and stuff, some official type guy came along, and started making people get ready for some event. I was not registered, and I didn't want to participate, but they were trying to force me into it.

As I tried to avoid that, the event started. Suddenly, all these animals and obstacles and stuff appeared in the water. The first, was a cove, a ways out that became populated with some sort of water nymphs. Maybe some mermaids, too. It was too far to tell. The broken down pier thing made an appearance. It's been in various dreams before. Some rocks came up near the surface, and a lot of large, dangerous turtles were sort of flipped out on to them. Untold and uncounted other things began to write beneath the surface, some visible, some not.

I remember a kitchen, some decks, and some stairwells in the house. I'm not sure what the point of the event was. Some sort of battle type thing it seems.
I woke up before I had a good understanding of it.

I'm so tired and cranky and irritable lately. I guess it's stress and disillusionment.
Some days it just feels like maybe Ian Curtis wrote my life story.

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