Feb. 16th, 2017

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So, I've been on vacation. Haven't been online much, and (obviously) haven't updated anything in a while. I am back now.

Last night, I dreamed that I was driving a car full of people around. Either that, or I was the car. Or both. It was strange and didn't make a lot of logical sense. We were driving around, running over life sized Lego people. The Lego people were running around, trying to escape, and we'd run them down. They're re-spawn (just like a video game) after a while though, so I guess it was ok. At some point, the front driver side tire exploded, so I had to have everyone in the car pile up on the passenger side rear seat, which somehow balanced us on the 3 remaining tires so that we could drive to get a replacement. That's about all I remember of that one.

I also remember dreaming of being at a grocery store. I have been to this one repeatedly in different dreams before, but as far as I know, it is not directly associated with any place in real life. I was there, with a friend, who was buying a lot of supplies for her father. He was supposed to be taking a test to become a full citizen of the US (he had immigrated from Iran). Part of this, was proving to the immigration inspector that he could take care of himself, and be self sufficient. As a means of doing this, he had to demonstrate that he was able to cook food and eat it, without any assistance. So we were buying food for him to use.

As we were at the check-out, I noticed a label on the bag of frozen burritos that said "Not for individual sale. Can not be used for Immigration test". I told my friend about it, and we left the checkout line, and went back to the (ridiculously massive) frozen burrito section. As I was trying to look through all the labels, and find the small print indicating which ones could be used in an immigration test, my friend got distracted, and kept talking to some horrible guy who was trying to trick her and rob her or something.
I woke up before there was any resolution beyond this.

Saturday morning, we got up and went to the Austin 290 Flea Market. Got some lunch after that, and made a good day of it.

Monday morning, we went to San Antonio, and enjoyed the museum, and then went to the market district, and ate at a really old tex-mex place. We wandered around all the awesome little Mexican imports stores. After that we went to the river walk. Took the barge tour and walked around a bit. I tried to save a baby duck that got separated from it's family and injured. Hopefully it worked. We spent way too much money on candy. Several times.

Tuesday evening, we went to see AFI.

Spent the in-between days just relaxing and watching shows, or playing games.

I am back at work today.

Got my tax return in, paid off my CC. Gonna deposit the left over cash I saved from vacation, and then total up what I have left after bills wrap up tomorrow, and then move the extra over to savings. I am going to go ahead and fork out the expenses for this year's Halloween build, so I can move along with that (after I do an inventory of what I have vs what I need, etc), then after that, it's on to the saving / payment plans I have worked out. Feels good to be making headway.

I enjoyed getting out and doing things. I need to make an effort to do so more often. Maybe I should work on a list of local places to hit up. More flea markets and whatever. Or something.

For now, I guess that's about it.

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