Feb. 10th, 2017

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Last night, I was pushing a cart with wheels through the Dreamlands version of a town that I used to live in. Some kid was walking with me, and I feel like I was supposed to know him from somewhere, but also, I didn't like him too much. More of a good natured sort of tolerating him. At this point, I think the cart contained some sort of food. We were walking down a major street, and this kid was making fun of some dude's hair. I wasn't going to put up with that, so I took the opportunity to inform hum that he was looking at none other than Christopher "Kid" Reid, standing outside of the house that had been the set of House Party, back in the day, and he needed to shut his mouth, because this was probably as close to pure greatness as he would ever stand. It was all true, and it shut him up.

As we walked along, we took a left turn and stopped to wait a bit. We were soon joined by my friend C. She had been getting some things together for whatever mission we were on. She made some modifications to the cart, using magic (as far as I could tell). We started pushing the cart again, but the perspective changed, and the town around us was now tiny, and the cart was huge, and had treads and a military style like a tank. C explained that this part of town, between here, and the valley we were going to was populated with evil people (mostly politicians and molesters [usually the same thing, imo]), and we need to crush the houses and cut a path through the evil. That's all the convincing it took. I plowed the cart right through it all, like some sort of Godzilla sno-cone stand. Houses and buildings were left crushed, splintered, smoking and ruined.

As we got to the edge of town, things returned to the regular size, scale, and perspective. The cart, however was no longer like a food cart, or a tank, but now, it was a simple cart containing a lot of craft supplies. As we made our way across the brand new wasteland at the edge of town, we were approached by some sort of official. He was a cop or an agent of some kind, but I am unclear on what exactly. C said to wait with the cart, so I did. The kid that had been following me bailed. This was all too much for him. Good riddance. C talked with the guy, and got rid of him. She either knew him from somewhere, and / or was just that good at flirting with him (probably a little bit of both), and obviously our little old craft cart couldn't possibly have caused any trouble, we are just trying to escape the destruction. So that guy left, and C and I made our way across the wasteland with our craft cart, until eventually we came to a forest.

By the time we got there, our clothes weren't much more than rags (I mean, mine never really are anyhow...), and we were battle hardened from our adventures. We were pretty awesome. We were joined by a girl who was some kind of Fae, and could conjure snacks out of thin air, which was pretty amazing and useful. She had some sort of ingredients, and she put her palms together, and did the magic, then spread her arms out as far as she could. Between her palms this stuff grew. It was sort of a consistency of marshmallow, wrapped in cotton candy, and it was two different colors. You could pinch a bit off, and put it into your mouth, and it became the most delicious and nourishing liquid. The next thing she did was conjure up a blackberry pie. Is blackberry pie even a thing? I've honestly only had it as a cobbler. What's the real difference there anyhow? But that's another topic... It was amazing and delicious and perfect, and turned into the light of music inside of your mouth. C and I were pretty excited about all this, and glad to have such a useful new companion on our adventures.

We were traveling through a really awesome huge ancient forest, valiantly protecting our cart with craft supplies,
when I woke up.

I think I'd rather stay there, than come back here.

In other news:
If people were as good at actually changing, and doing something with their bullshit, as they are about talking up how different things will be, the world sure would be awesome.

But we all know how that goes.

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