Feb. 9th, 2017

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Last night, I had a sort of weird series of dreams that were all connected in a liner sort of way, even though I woke up between each sequence. First, I dreamed that I was visiting some oceanfront town with a group of people. I think I had been there before in another dream, but not this same part of town. We were on top of a parking garage structure, which was part of a whole row of shops and buildings which ran right along the water. The only thing separating them from the water was a sidewalk, and it was about 5 feet lower than the 'ground level'. The water came up to about a foot below the sidewalk, and people were walking around, fishing, whatever else, all up and down the sidewalk.

We we were doing something with our cars up on top of the parking garage, something landed right near us. After expecting it, we discovered that it was a fishing line with all sorts of stuff fastened on to it. Hooks, lures, bits of trash, shells, coins... Pretty much every small thing you can think of. It was a big tangled, snarled mess. As we poked at it, it moved a little bit towards the wall, toward the sea.

One member of our group explained that there were some sort of traveling homeless / bum people catchers that were in this town. They would throw this knotted mess up somewhere, and when a person got snared in it, they would pull them down towards water level and then rob and drown them.

I didn't like the sound of that at all. I found a piece of wood, and wrapped the line around it without touching it, and started to turn it to reel the line in. This was unexpected, and the reverse of what they had planned, so I started catching me a people catcher. Before we could get a look at him, he let go and escaped. I went down to the sidewalk to look for him and stop him.

People were warning me that the tide was coming in, and I needed to get off the sidewalk, but I wasn't listening. I went up and down the walk, as the tide slowly got higher and closer. As soon as it touched the walk, I could see all sorts of scary monster fish and dangerous sea creatures. I tried to hurry back, but I was too close to them and the water came over the walk. I was trying to stick close to the buildings and make it to safety, but I was failing, and I took off like Kitty Cat Jesus meets Spider-Man and scampered towards the land. I woke up right as a huge scary sea monster was right in front of me.


After that, I dreamed that I was trying to get ready to go to a big concert. It was a Switchblade Symphony show somewhere, and I was really excited since they broke up years ago, and I was finally getting to see them again.

I was running really late, and my whole family (for some reason) was already there waiting on me. No matter how much I did, for some reason, it was always slowing me down somehow, because someone else was getting ready slower than me and wasting my time. The whole thing was really frustrating and irritating. I remember getting there eventually, but under some bad circumstances, and maybe the band had already played, or maybe I was at the wrong place, I'm not sure. It was almost like a weird heavy metal rodeo or something. I was trying to find people and get sorted, and then I kept being in other places, and I don't know how it worked, but It was all happening because someone was fucking things up and causing trouble for me and the situation until
I woke up eventually.

I went back to sleep and the sequence picked up after I got "home" (wherever that was). I was trying to explain what happened to my family and why I didn't make it without actually exposing the fact that it was all because someone was being an awful destructive brat and fucking derailing every plan, every step of the way. Covering things up to protect the person who is being a butt. Go figure. Sounds about right for my life story.

After a while of this, I went into another room to check the status of the storm, only to discover that this person was holed up in the dark pouting and being a dick as usual when this shit happens, and also playing a weird video game about a space ship. The dream focused on the space ship video game for a bit, but eventually came back out of it with nothing solved, more bickering, fighting and stupidity.

I left the room, having wasted my time, and I was dodging more questions and making more excuses when
I woke up from that one too.

Then you wake up to a nasty passive aggressive world where everything is still stupid, and wasting my time and dragging everything down when it doesn't have to be like that. I can't stand how so many people actively work against their own best interests, against peace, harmony, and prosperity. I will never understand sabotaging happiness, no matter if it is done actively, passively, or unconsciously. Get it fucking together, and at least TRY to have a good live. All of you. The whole world is against us, do we really need to be against one another, against ourselves, and constantly setting fires in our homes for no reason?

I am so irritated with people.

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