Feb. 8th, 2017

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Haven't updated in a few days. Not dead though. Although I suppose that is exactly what it will look like when I do die. A sudden stop. In every way...

I've been home from work with a throat infection. Nothing too exciting. Found a new phone plan for 1/2 the price of my old one. Gad to order a phone online, but even factoring in that cost, the phone pays for itself in 3 months of reduced monthly bill costs, so it works out. Got all that set up, and managed to keep my number. I dunno why I never think to post except for when I am at work. I guess I am easily distracted.

Last night, I had a weird family reunion dream, and a weird workplace dream. Nothing terribly special about either, I guess. I don't remember too many details of the first one, but in the work dream, there was a big meeting where we were all brainstorming short stories for a collection novel. I had a GF in the dream (someone I do not know, and have never seen IRL). She didn't work with me, but she attended the meeting, and was hanging out with me during the entire work day. In a bikini, for some reason. It was all very bizarre.

Got my yearly review at work. It went quite well. That's good.

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