Feb. 1st, 2017

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Feb. 1st, 2017 01:27 pm
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I had at least 4 dreams last night. I managed to wake up and jot down 3 of them, but I can not remember the 4th currently.

The first one, I was at some strange version of work, and we were getting ready for a touring act to visit us. It was something like a play, and / or a circus mixed together. Like a play, but with acrobats and whatever. I think it was about pirates.

I was sitting in a big room, on top of a big pile of stuff that was covered with canvas tarps. I had to climb down from there, because the performers were arriving, and they needed the pile of stuff. I got down, and wandered around with co-workers as they trickled in. Somehow, I heard that the entire troupe of traveling performers knew who I was, and they all hated me. I had no idea why, because I had never met any of them. I was very confused. I tried asking my co-workers questions but no one knew anything more than that.

I was completely unable to get any more information, as the stage got set up. Eventually, everything was ready to go, and people were taking their seats. One of the traveling crew members who was done with his setup ended up sitting near me, so I tried to talk to him. He tried to refuse, with some cryptic "you know what you did" sort of nonsense. I really had no idea what this was all about, so I kept telling him that, and trying to get more information.

Finally, he started in on some crazy story filled with drama and accusations, all revolving around people I had never heard of, and events that I knew nothing about. I kept trying to tell him that they had the wrong person, etc, and he listened to me a little, admitting that he had never actually seen this person they all hated, and could not quantify that it was, indeed, me.

I was making some decent progress with talking to him, and challenging him to have the primary person, on whose behalf they were all pissed off, come out and verify that they had a case of mistaken identity. Before it got quite that far though
, I woke up.

(the missing dream took place either right before or right after the above)

The second dream, I was in a car with my GF, and we were driving down the highway when we started to slide sideways. It was raining and/or snowing or something, and the car just started to move sideways instead of forward. We were still traveling the proper direction on the road, we were just facing to the left, with our passenger side moving down the road. I kept trying desperately to regain control of the vehicle, but nothing I did seemed to matter much. Other cars were just driving along normally, like it wasn't a big deal that we were somehow sideways.

Eventually I discovered a combination of pushing pedals, and wiggling the wheel that gave me some degree of control, but did nothing to realign the car. I could just control it a bit, as it kept going sideways. I saw an exit coming up, which put it towards the back of the car, since we were facing left. I managed to shoot the car down the exit, and into a parking lot of a strip mall right off the feeder. I clipped a Volkswagen as I went in the lot, but managed to come safely to a stop, in a parking spot right in front of a pet store.

As I was attempting to exchange info with the driver of the Volkswagen (we both somehow agreed that it was his fault) even though there was no damage done, some Juggalo came out of the pet store with a cloth sack, and kept trying to interrupt us, and sell us some snakes from his sack. He was being an annoying douche (big surprise), and wouldn't leave us alone. Finally we just ignored him. He went back in the store.

After we got the info exchanged, the other driver left, and I opened the hood of the car, to figure out why it would only slide sideways. As I was looking around under there, the Juggalo came back and started up again with the snake sales. He kept telling me that had some "Sumatran Vipers" in his bag, and he would make me a good deal. I told him that I think it's idiotic to own venomous snakes of any kind, and he needed to go away. He kept walking around the car, and hanging out in the area.

As I got the car going, I noticed that he had thrown one of his snakes under my car, near my feet. I got back in the car, only to discover that he had also thrown one in the car with my gf. I was trying to get it out and help her, and it was all panic and chaos, and either one, or both of us got bitten and I don't know what was going on, and the tension of it all
woke me up.

The third dream, I was grocery shopping, and ran into my ex. I was pushing a shopping cart filled with stuff, and she was pushing a shopping cart filled with stuff. We started talking, and pushing shopping carts, then next I noticed, we were out of the store, pushing them across a parking lot, then across a field, and then we were both running, pushing them really fast across town. I was trying to explain to her that I had fixed her MP3 player for her, by replacing some circuit boards. The MP3 player was also a robot, and the robot was also her child. She couldn't hear me because the wind was too loud from how fast we were pushing the shopping carts. I woke up before any of it ever got sorted out.

I really wish I could remember the other one. I remembered it for a bit the first time I woke up, but then when I woke up later, and jotted them all down, I was unable to bring up a triggering memory. That's all I ever write down anyhow, is just triggering memories, that keep the dreams anchored and stop them from fading.

I think this time, I wrote "sideways car, snake sack" "weird play at work" and "grocery cart MP3 robot". That's enough to keep the bridge open, and allow me to access the dream images, and stop them from completely vanishing. I guess it moves them from one part of my brain to another or something, I don't know.

Since my phone contract was up as of last month, I am currently looking at an idea to get my monthly bill down from 70.00 to 35.00. That will be a nice savings, even if it is a little slower connection. But I am on wifi enough that it may not matter. Who cares anyhow? It's not like I really interact with anyone with it much anyhow. I am going to try to keep my number, since I've had it since my 1st cell phone, but I may not be able to. Maybe purging it won't be a bad idea anyhow. Again with the who cares?

Meh, I guess I am out of topic for the day. Might as well post it.

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