Jan. 31st, 2017

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Last night, my dreams were filled with random sad, destructive apocalyptic images. I know that there was a narrative there, but I'm not entirely sure how it all sticks together. I remember a terrible and evil supernatural force, a couple of guys who were well known, but maybe in more of an 'infamous' way than anything positive. I remember a weird kid who was part strange animal somehow. I don't know if things were radiated or what the situation was, but the entire world was garbage. That's about all I have. Maybe that's a good thing. I was late getting to sleep last night, and still managed to wake up 20 mins or more before the alarm went off.

I have a lot of other things that it would probably do me some sort of good to talk about, and get out, but I cycle back to feeling like I don't have effective language, and feeling like it doesn't matter anyhow.

Some things just are, and will be, apparently eternally, unless you just cut the head off the entire snake. I hate to feel like I am starting to believe or accept that. But then again, a lifetime of trying to believe that things can be better hasn't really gotten me anywhere...

At what point am I the one who is out of touch with reality, and now helping the situation?

It's a depressing thought.
For a depressing life.

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