Jan. 30th, 2017

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Last night, I dreamed that I was was going with my friend to a job interview for some moral support. Apparently, she was interviewing at a place where I work, or used to work, or something. I was going along, because somehow there was a way that I was going to view the process through her jacket, and supply answers and information to help her get the job. We got in the car, and she was driving along. It was either really early in the morning, or really late at night, because it was dark.

I fell asleep somehow, even though it was only supposed to be a five or ten minute drive. When I woke up, it was past time for the interview, and we were driving along in the middle of nowhere. Needless to say, I was curious what was going on. She was all upset because some part of her car wasn't working, and she was trying to take it to her grandfather to fix. I asked her to show me what the problem was, and was pretty annoyed that she chose this plan of skipping the interview, and running half way across the state, instead of just waking me up, so we could look at it.

Her car had all the gauges and -ometers and stuff on the console, like normal. But somehow, it also had a bunch of gauges and -ometers on the inside of the door, as well. Like where normally your arm rest, and window controls would be. That whole door panel was covered by a GPS readout, and a bunch of other crap. The brightness on it had been turned waaaay down, so it was all super dim, and hard to see. That's what had her freaking out. I took a look at it, and there were little adjuster knobs for brightness right there at the bottom, which she probably hit with her elbow. I turned them back up, which fixed the issue, but I was trying to explain that sitting sideways in the drivers seat, facing the driver side door was not a safe or effective way to drive the car, so that needed to get fixed anyhow.

At this point, we were almost to the house, so we just kept going, after a very difficult and dramatic drive along the final road. The place we arrived at was a sort of A frame house, where my friend lived with her husband, and for some reason, her grandparents lived with them "sometimes". We parked and went in, and only her grandmother was there. I had never been here before, so I wandered around a bit and had a look. They explained to me that the reason they bought the house was because of all the cool plastic pipes running along the ceiling and through the walls all over.

I was having a look at all that mess, and then found a weird sort of fancy dishwasher in the kitchen. which had the same weird GPS readout that the door of the car had. I was asking what the deal was with all this, and they said that it was because of ______. ______, being a girl's name, but I can't remember it, in that way that sometimes things in dreams are not a real thing, but a symbol of a thing, and even though it could be a "name" and be "spoken" in the dream, it might never actually make a noise, or appear as anything that you can take away with you afterwards. Anyhow, the weird GPS things, and possibly the weird plastic pipes, as well as the reason they bought the house, was because of ______. I asked who ______ was, and they called for her, and she came out to meet me. She had come with the house, they explained. Apparently ______ was some sort of false person. A Robot or an AI or who the hell knows. She looked like a cross between several different people. They showed me pictures of the house back before they bought it when it was under a previous owner, and ______ looked completely different back then, and apparently adapted to her environment, as she collected genetic material over time. This whole thing was kinda weird and sketchy to me, but also somehow kind of familiar. Between the photos, some stuff that I "remembered" in the dream, and some sort of research that I was able to do, I somehow 'recognized' who ______ really was, and called her out on it.

A that moment, ______ transformed into a giant hideous tentacle monster, and began to flail about, causing a gigantic ruckus. Everyone but me, and a couple of people that I don't know who they were, or where they came from, escaped. The other people were consumed into the monster. I didn't run, or fight it, I started trying to reason with it. The ordeal was all dramatic and spectacular, and after however long, the monster kind of exploded into a shower of slime / goo, and left a girl in its place.

This was ______ in her true form, the way she had originally come to this planet, before she got made into whatever kind of robot servant thing she had been for however long. I somehow knew all this, and had known her before all that happened. We decided to run away together, before the people who did this to her (apparently her alien brothers) showed up to capture her again.

We threw a few quick supplies together, and started to run for it. Somehow, both of my cars were in a parking lot not terribly far from this house. We just had to get there. As soon as we got out the door, someone started shooting lasers at us. Needless to say, her evil alien brothers showed up and were trying to catch her. We ran back in the house, and tried to go out the back way. There were various action scenes and dramatics as all this happened, but eventually we made it out the back door, and ran to the right, and hid behind a wall, and a mound of dirt.

There were some other people hiding from the ordeal back there, too. They had a mixed reaction between being glad we were ok, being upset that we were hiding with them, while we were the targets, and being upset that ______ was an alien.

The evil space brothers were searching for us, and it was a matter of time until they found us, so we were making plans, when a whole gang of people rounded the corner with weapons. They were a different alien faction, and I knew them from whatever past I had that had involved me knowing ______ in the first place. The leader of them was not happy to see me, in that sort of way where he was probably more jealous about something in the past, rather than having any real idea that I was a bad guy, you know?

There was some debate with these space-turds, and they were going to blow my leg up with some kind of space bomb, to make a distraction so ______ could escape. Needless to say, I was opposed to this. After too much arguing, and time wasting, I just agreed to it in order to help her escape. It never came to that, because I
woke up and was unable to see how it all played out.

Aside from that.... Well, there's not much aside from that.

I won the lottery again. But only 3.00, so I can't run away and start a new life. Well, I guess I could. But I couldn't run very far. And my "new life" would be like "a candy bar".

Going to try to scrape and save on even my tight budget that I am on right now, and slowly slip a bit into savings here and there. It's become somewhat of an obsession / challenge with me at this point. "How little can I make it on?" At first, I was feeling antsy about having given myself 50 bucks a week for gas (which is about 30ish / week, driving to and from work), etc. But I can manage to stick to a surprisingly low amount of 'etc' when I try. I expect that even with spending 10 bucks every Taco Tuesday for 2 half-price taco dinners (hey, we gotta get out of the house occasionally), that I can still sneak a few bucks into savings each month. And soon, once the tax check comes in, that amount will rise quite a bit. I think my pay-off plan will lower my expenses by between 100 to 300 per month, which I can put in savings. Gonna blow all the savings on paying off a 2nd bill when it gets high enough. It's a weird thing to be excited about. But I am taking it as a good thing to be focusing on, and sticking to. Hopefully my steam on it lasts, and I can keep focusing. Even if I sound like a broken record here, going on about stupid useless crap that no one but me even cares about, I think that having some outlet to express it helps me.

Even if I am talking to myself. haha

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