Jan. 24th, 2017

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Had a dream about a big old house, in poor condition. I have dreamed of it before, but I am never quite sure where it correlates to (but I always suspect that it's in the Dreamlands version of Huntsville, so that's likely to be the case). Last night, a number of people were there with me, and someone had come up with a way to trap and domesticate ghosts. We were pretty excited about it, so we tried it out as soon as possible.

We immediately caught a ghost We were really happy about it, but as we started talking to the thing, it turns out that it was the insufferable ghost of an entitled frat boy who was born with a silver spoon, always handed everything, and thought that the world revolved around him. He made as shitty a ghost as he did a living being. We were plagued with him, because the process didn't detail how to get rid of it once you managed to catch one :/

After a while of this, I went out to get food with a few people. At first we were driving in a sort of station wagon, but over the course of the places we went, it slowly became a sort of bus. Where all the seats had pedals, and we had to pitch in like a huge multi-person bicycle. We were leaving a parking lot, and some people got in, thinking it was a real bus. They were some sort of celebrities or something, but we made them pedal anyhow, and gave them a ride to a mall, where they were going some sort of holiday appearance.

The mall was closed and empty though, so we opened it back up and decided we would run the celebrity appearance ourselves, and make money off of it. While we were working on getting all this ready,
I woke up.

As far as the rest of it goes...
Distant forests call my name in songs so loud that I am having trouble hearing my daily tasks.

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