Jan. 20th, 2017

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Been checking my virtual documents at work every day, to see when the tax forms post. They usually show up there at least several weeks (if not more) before they show up in the mail.

Got to print out my 2016 tax forms, so I should be able to go ahead and file them tonight. Maybe I will get a decent return, and be able to pay a bill down. I just have to put on my big girl pants, and NOT buy a welding machine. Then, I have to have the control to NOT turn around and buy one with my credit card, if I get it fully paid off (I expect that I will be able to, I don't owe THAT much on it anymore). Then, all I would have is my monthly bills (car, house, utilities, etc) and then the financing on my computer, and my personal loan payments to worry about. The small personal loan will be paid off in a year, even if I can't manage to pay it early, and the computer financing isn't that much, so I might save it for last, and focus on the personal loan completion before that.

I know, I know... The only thing MORE boring than the usual drivel, is silly financial drivel.
Well, it;s just boring around here, sorry. I guess you need to go read Space Adventure Stories for your excitement.

I had an awful time getting to sleep last night, I don't know why. And none of the thoughts flooding me and keeping me up were beneficial, other than one really cool idea for a pair of pants that I would like to make (I made a note of it). It was mostly a flood of missed connections, past loss, regrets, and memories of naked bodies.

I don't even remember any of my dreams, once I did finally obtain fitful sleep.

Consequently, I had a tough time getting up this morning, and getting ready and leaving the house.
I did, however, get a picture before I left, and put it up on Instagram. So, there's that.

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