Jan. 6th, 2017

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Skipped a few days of updates.

I was off work, and I seem to only think to update when I am at my desk. Captive writer and all.

I dreamed about some kids living in really poor conditions last night. Never fun. Too close to the home of my childhood. I can't remember too many details though, just a few random images.

Aside from that, not much to say.

Money is going to be super tight while I work on paying my loan back. Which is going to make it almost impossible to get the tools that I need gathered up. One day at a time though, right? I will save what I can and cut my expenses as much as possible and get it done.

Been making some lists and doing research, and I will continue to do that, if I got nothing else that I can do.

Was going to go to the junkyard this weekend, and look for some good parts and supplies, but I can't afford to.

Lol, you read that right. I can't afford to go to the junkyard!

Fun times.

Maybe it'll be better next bill cycle.

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