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Last night, I dreamed that I was at a body of water with someone, and the water was thick with life.  Almost a gelatin  of tadpoles, fish, and every living thing you can imagine being in the water.  We had been wanting to swim, but it was impossible because of this.  We started in the middle somehow, but made it to shore.  Once we got there, we sat at the edge where the waves met the land.  As we sat, we discovered that buried right under the sand, there was a raccoon nest.  In this world, raccoons somehow went into a stasis in a nest just underground until they were ready to come out.  Like the mothers planted the babies or something, I don't know.  We started digging one out, and when we got to him, he was surrounded by some colorful string type material, most of it purple.  We got him free, and he was totally domesticated, and pretty much like a loving kitten.  We started digging for more, and ended up with raccoons of all colors and patterns.  

I shifted out of that dream around that time.

In my next dream, I was at work, only it was a different world, as well.  I had to move over a few seats to my left, and someone else was taking my seat.  Most of the dream was just me moving my stuff, and attempting to get my new work station set up.  It had a lot of detail, but nothing much to talk about.

After that, I had a dream that I was driving in a car with someone, and we kept seeing all these cool oldschool trucks, except the wheels and drivetrains had all been replaced with treads and tracks.  The center of it was also on some kind of lift, so in addition to the tank sort of look of the things, they could also raise up high above the movement mechanism.  For some reason the streets near my house was swarming with them.  We talked about how cool it was, and also how expensive it must be.  We drove past a garage that was just churning them out.  we were going to stop and ask for info, bit something happened, and we ended up having to travel through some sketchy tunnels on foot instead.

The next dream, I was traveling a long distance with my family, and we kept stopping at a whole lot of different thrift stores, and I was getting increasingly nervous about being late to wherever we were going.  This one was maybe the most detailed of the lot, in that I saw so many different locations, and the vast amount of stuff that was in each store was all really intricate. I wish I could remember more of the specific narrative here, because there was a lot going on.

I sent a note to myself when I woke up from these, to help me remember, that way I could at least write down the basics.
I just had as quiet a day yesterday as possible.  After work, I ate a whole frozen pizza (well, I mean, I cooked it first).  I took a nap.  I played video games until bed time.  Nice and quiet, no problems, no issues.  Maybe I will do it again today.  Except I am out of pizza.  But something similar.

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